Plastic product shell, PC ABS PP Plastic parts tooling for card reader

Plastic product shell, PC ABS PP Plastic parts tooling for card reader

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Plastic product shell, PC ABS PP Plastic parts tooling for card reader


Plastic product shell, PC ABS PP Plastic parts tooling for card reader

The components are miniaturized to realize multi cavity and multi gate filling of small products. By reducing the nozzle space, more cavities can be allocated on the mould to increase the product output and the utilization rate of the injection machine. In the 1990s, the minimum number of nozzles developed by Master Company was 15.875mm; Husky Company developed multi-gate nozzles with four gates per nozzle and a gate distance of nearly 9.067mm; Osco Company developed a combined compound nozzle with 12 gate probes per nozzle, which can be used for the moulding of 48-cavity dies. MoldMaters developed nozzles for small parts in 2001, which include integral heaters, needle tips and melt channels. The nozzles have a volume diameter of less than 9 mm, a gate spacing of only 10 mm, and can form products weighing 1-30g.

Standardization and serialization of hot runner elements. At present, users require shorter and shorter design and manufacturing cycles. Standardization of hot runner components is not only conducive to reducing the duplication of design work and the cost of die, but also very convenient for the replacement and maintenance of vulnerable parts. It is reported that Polyshop has developed a rapid heat transfer runner die system, especially suitable for small injection machines with injection pressure of 70 kN. Husky, Presto and Mold-masters have nozzles, stem and splitter plates as standard models to facilitate rapid replacement and delivery of moulds, which can now be delivered in only four weeks abroad.

The overall reliability of hot runner die design is improved. Nowadays, the design of hot runner plate and the research and development of pressure distribution, temperature distribution and sealing of the connecting part of hot nozzle are paid great attention by major die and mould companies at home and abroad. The development and utilization of laminated hot runner injection mould is also a hot spot. Cascade die can effectively increase the number of cavity, while the requirement for the clamping force of injection machine only needs to increase by 10%~15%. The stacked hot runner die has been industrialized in some developed countries abroad.

The purpose of improving the material of hot runner components is to improve the wear resistance of nozzles and hot runners and to be used in the moulding of sensitive materials. For example, it is possible to make nozzles from ductile alloys such as molybdenum and titanium, and hot runner elements from metal powder injection moulding and sintering.

Develop accurate temperature control system. In hot runner mould moulding, developing more precise temperature control device and controlling the temperature of molten resin in hot runner plate and gate are effective measures to prevent resin from overheating degradation and product performance degradation.

The hot runner is used for co-injection. Through the effective combination design of branch pipe and hot nozzle elements, co-injection moulding and hot runner technology can be combined to form three, five or more layers of composite plastic products. For example, Kortec has developed melt delivery systems and co-injection nozzles; Incoe's multi-outlet, multi-cavity co-injection branch line can be used for multi-material and multi-component co-injection.



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Plastic product shell, PC ABS PP Plastic parts tooling for card reader

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