Household product tooling, injection mould polishing

Household product tooling, injection mould polishing

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Household product tooling, injection mould polishing


Household product tooling, injection mould polishing

A kind of design of die parts, to a great extent, determines the product quality, efficiency and new product development ability. So the mould has the honorary title of "mother of industry".

In general, the design of injection mold parts, the cavity directly used in the design of injection mold parts is called the cavity. The cavity is usually composed of concave die, punch and other forming parts. In the design, the overall structure of the cavity, the pouring point, the parting surface, the exhaust position and the demoulding mode are determined according to the plastic properties and the requirements of the products. Then the working size of the moulded parts, the combination mode and the structural size of the moulded parts are calculated according to the size of the products. Finally, the stiffness and strength of the moulded parts are checked.

Generally speaking, the die consists of two parts: the dynamic die and the fixed die (or the male die and the female die). The parting surface refers to the part that can be contacted when the two parts are closed and in state. It also divides the workpiece or die part into the parting surface of the die volume block, which has a wider significance.

On both sides of the parting surface of the die, the parts that constitute the cavity are collectively called forming parts, mainly including concave die, core, insert, various forming rods and forming rings. As the cavity is directly in contact with high temperature and high pressure plastics, its quality is directly related to the quality of the parts. Therefore, it is required to have sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness and wear resistance to withstand the plastic extrusion force and material flow friction, and to have sufficient accuracy and surface finish. In designing these parts, besides paying full attention to the design of parting surface, it is also necessary to make the moulding easier, exhaust smoothly and process simple.

Therefore, the design of parting surface directly affects the product quality, the structure and operation of the die, which is one of the key factors for the success or failure of the die design.

The following principles should be followed in determining the parting surface:

The die structure should be as simple as possible, such as avoiding or reducing lateral parting, using special parting surface to reduce the repair of dynamic and fixed die to reduce the difficulty of processing, etc.

It is helpful for the smooth demoulding of the plastic parts, such as keeping the parts at the moving edge after opening the mould to make use of the ejection mechanism on the injection machine, avoiding side long distance core pulling to reduce the size of the mould, etc.

Guarantee the dimensional accuracy of the product, such as setting the parts with the requirement of dimensional accuracy on the same module as far as possible to reduce the manufacturing and assembly errors.

Without affecting the appearance quality of the product, flying edges will inevitably appear on the parting surface, so the design of parting surface on the smooth surface should be avoided.

To ensure the smooth exhaust of the cavity, such as the parting surface coincides with the surface wall of the cavity filled at last, so as to facilitate the exhaust of the cavity.



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Household product tooling, injection mould polishing


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