Injection moulding household product, tooling polishing

Injection moulding household product, tooling polishing

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Injection moulding household product, tooling polishing


Injection moulding household product, tooling polishing

As a developer of plastic injection parts, many factors need to be considered in the development of injection parts. Regardless of business negotiation, from a technical point of view, the factors that need to be considered include the design ideas of drawings, structural analysis of parts, design principles and mechanisms of injection moulds, and the selection of suitable manufacturers for suitable equipment, etc. The design ideas of drawings and structural analysis of parts are often communicated with designers, which can be basically clear. The design principle and mechanism of injection moulds need our designers and developers to communicate well with professional moulds manufacturers. The actual design and development of moulds are completed by professional moulds manufacturers.

Of course, in the initial stage of mould development and development process, it is necessary to communicate well with the parts manufacturer in order to ensure that the appropriate mould is put into the appropriate injection machine. As a professional part developer, it is necessary to make a good judgment and selection of the mould manufacturer and injection molding manufacturer. The success of part development depends largely on whether the choice of the two is correct, and the accumulation of technical knowledge and experience is particularly important.

Here we introduce an important link in the development of plastic parts. The suitable injection moulding machine is selected by the injection moulds. Correct selection of suitable injection moulding machine is the key factor to ensure product qualification rate, production efficiency and manufacturing cost.

First of all, we should start with the familiar structure and working principle of the injection moulding machine, and then consider the parting surface design of the mould.

Principle of Selection of Parting Surface

It is also very important in die design whether the type selection of parting surface is appropriate and the design is reasonable. They are not only directly related to the complexity of die structure, but also have an impact on product quality and production operation. When designing parting surfaces, the following principles should usually be considered:

The selection of parting surface should be conducive to the appearance quality of products, avoid the influence of spill flash on the appearance of products, and consider that it can be more convenient to remove the flash.

The selection of parting surface should be conducive to product demoulding, otherwise, the die structure will become more complex. Usually, the parting surface can be chosen as far as possible to keep the product on the side of the dynamic die after opening.

The parting surface shall not affect the shape and dimensional accuracy of the product. If the parts with higher precision are separated by the parting surface, the larger shape and size errors will be caused by the closing error, which can not meet the predetermined accuracy requirements.

The parting surface should coincide with the cavity surface which fills the melt as far as possible to facilitate exhaust.

When selecting the parting surface, the difference between the size of the product end and the size of the product end caused by the demoulding slope should be minimized.

The parting surface should be easy to process.

When choosing the parting surface, the projection area of the product on the parting surface should be reduced as far as possible, so as to prevent the area from being too large, causing difficulties in mode locking and serious spills.

For products with side holes or concave side holes, the selection of parting surface should first consider:

The side with long core pulling or parting distance is placed in the direction of moving and fixed die opening, while the short side is used as the side parting core pulling mechanism.

The parting surface with large projection area should be placed on the main closing surface, while the parting surface with small projection area should be set on the side core pulling surface.



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Injection moulding household product, tooling polishing


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