Precision tooling injection moulding mechanical parts

Precision tooling injection moulding mechanical parts

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Precision tooling injection moulding mechanical parts


Precision tooling injection moulding mechanical parts

General concave die, also known as cavity, is used to shape the outline of plastic products. Its basic structure can be divided into five categories: integral, integral embedded, partial mosaic, large area mosaic and four-wall mosaic. The choice of structure depends on its processing complexity and reliability.

Integral die

The integral die is directly processed from the whole die material. The characteristics of this die are simple structure, firm and reliable, and not easy to deform. There is no spill mark on the surface of the product. Limitations are mainly manifested in the fact that the integral die is mostly suitable for small and medium-sized injection moulds with uncomplicated product shape. The position selectivity of the exhaust groove of the die is poor, the exhaust is unreliable and the exhaust function is defective.

Integrated Embedded Die

Embedded die is characterized by its cavity part is still processed with the whole die material, but they must be embedded in the fixed plate or some special dies to use. Most of them are used in small multi-cavity injection moulds. In order to process conveniently and keep the geometrical shape and size of each cavity consistent, the cavity can be made into several holistic dies, and then embedded into the template for fixed use.

Embedded die has some characteristics of integral die, such as the die embedded in the template, the material strength and rigidity will be improved. It is reliable and not easy to deform. At the same time, the products will not leave seam marks. Because high-quality steel is usually used in manufacturing die cavity, if embedded die is used, a lot of high-quality steel will be saved. Embedded die is mainly suitable for small multi-cavity injection moulds, and its advantages are very prominent.

Local mosaic die

The shape of plastic parts is complex and changeable. For injection moulds used for very complex plastic parts, concave cavity is difficult to process, and even needs local grinding, polishing and heat treatment.

When a part of the die cavity is easily damaged and needs to be replaced frequently, in order to process conveniently and reduce cost, the method of partial mosaic should be adopted.

Large area mosaic combined die

Generally, the valve-type die or the mosaic combination die are used, but in fact, the movable insert die can be used. Regardless of the parts of the valve-closing die, the mechanism of locking the valve module or opening the valve module when opening the die is adopted. When the number of valves is equal to 2, the concave die composed of them is called Half concave die. In fact, the valved concave die adopts side core-pulling die. According to the special shape of the product, it can be divided into more than two pieces of multi-block forming insert processing and manufacturing, and then assembled and fixed together to form a concave die shape. This kind of concave die has local, bottom, side and multi-block modes, and has wide adaptability. It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized injection moulds with complex shapes. If the large-area mosaic combined die is used, it is for the convenience of machining, grinding, polishing and heat treatment of the die. It can be in the form of large-area mosaic at the bottom or four-wall mosaic. The most common type is the large-area mosaic at the bottom, which is suitable for deep cavity and difficult to process at the bottom. Usually, the die is made to pass through, and then the bottom is mounted. For large or complex die, when the side wall of the die has complex shape or pattern, the four walls and the bottom of the die can be processed separately and assembled after grinding.



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Precision tooling injection moulding mechanical parts


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