CNC Machining, mould making, precision plastic parts mold

CNC Machining, mould making, precision plastic parts mold

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CNC Machining, mould making, precision plastic parts mold


CNC Machining, mould making, precision plastic parts mold

The main disadvantage of large-area assembly die is that there are splicing marks in the appearance of plastic parts. In the design of super-large-scale die, unless there are special reasons, the die is usually not made into this form. In most cases, it is still made into a local mosaic form, which can simplify the processing without increasing the size of the die.

This kind of concave die has the following advantages.

The complex concave cavity can be segmented to reduce the overall processing difficulty, or the complex internal processing can be transformed into multiple simple shape processing, which greatly reduces the processing difficulty and cost.

The shape and dimension accuracy of the die can be easily guaranteed due to the convenience of measuring the size of the small insert.

Small inserts are used for splicing large and complex concave dies. Small inserts are easy to process, especially for heat treatment and polishing.

For different parts of the die, material selection can be inconsistent to save high quality steel.

After treatment, the splicing seam will not spill, and can also be used as an exhaust clearance.

This kind of concave die has the following shortcomings

The matching of each insert is the key to manufacture. If it is not handled properly, it will overflow from the joint and cause defects on the surface of the product.

With the increase of the number of inserts, the complexity of the die and the matching accuracy should be improved.

The tolerance of the whole cavity comes from the manufacturing tolerance of each insert.

Structural Design of Core

Core (or punch) is used to shape the inner shape and size of plastic products. There is little difference between them in strict sense. It is generally believed that punch is a part of the integral inner shape of plastic products. It has a larger shape. Core refers to some parts of the special inner shape (small) local holes, grooves and other die parts. Similar to the concave die, the punch can be divided into integral type, embedded type, mosaic combination type and movable type, and its characteristics are very similar.

Integral core

The integral core is generally used for plastics with simple inner surface shape. The simplest integral core is made of the same material as the template.

Composite core

When the die itself is large or complex, the core can be processed separately and then embedded into the template to assemble into a whole. Fixed formwork and core can be manufactured with different materials and different heat treatment processes, which not only facilitates processing, but also saves precious steel. The most commonly used connection form between core and template is shaft shoulder and bottom plate; when the shaft shoulder is round, pins or keys should be used at the shoulder to prevent the core from rotating in the fixed plate; in addition, direct screw connection is also needed. Although the screw connection is relatively simple, the connection firmness is not as good as the shoulder connection. In order to prevent lateral displacement and rotation, pin positioning should be adopted. For large-sized and complex-shaped punches, the effect of inserting the core into the template is better, which is conducive to reducing the lateral flash and setting the cooling circuit of the core.



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CNC Machining, mould making, precision plastic parts mold


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