Plastic part tooling plastic injection mold for household product, CNC Machining

Plastic part tooling plastic injection mold for household product, CNC Machining

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Plastic part tooling plastic injection mold for household product, CNC Machining


Plastic part tooling plastic injection mold for household product, CNC Machining

Cylindrical core

When the cylindrical core is inserted, there are several ways to fix it. For the cylindrical core with a blind hole less than 3mm, the positive insertion method can be used to press the core into the surface of the cavity.

The method of pressing the core from the back of the template is called inverse embedding method. It uses the fixed method of shoulder and cushion plate. The length of the positioning and matching part is 3-5mm. It uses small clearance or transitional matching. After reaming the hole on the non-matching length, it is beneficial to exhaust gas. For slender and long circular core, in order to facilitate manufacturing, fixing and improving strength, the lower part of the core is often coarsened or the small core is made shorter.

When there are many small cores, the height of the core shoulder must be higher than the assembly plane of the template after embedding. After grinding into the same plane, the core shoulder must be connected with the cushion plate. For many small cores which are close to each other, if the shoulder parts interfere with each other, one side of the shoulder can be rubbed off. The pits of the fixing plate can be turned into large circular pits or milling grooves according to the convenience of processing. It can also be solved in the core fixing plate and the plate between the cushion plate and the shoulder.

Special-shaped core structure

Most non-circular shaped cores adopt the inverse embedding method. A matching special-shaped hole is machined on the cavity plate. However, the support and shoulder parts are cylindrical, so as to facilitate processing and assembly. For special-shaped cores with smaller radial dimensions, the structure of positive embedding method can be used. In practical application, the working performance of the inverse embedded structure is more reliable than that of the forward embedded structure.

Inserted Composite Core

Cores with complex shape, high precision and wear resistance requirements are processed by splitting method. Small cores are manufactured separately and then assembled by inserting human formwork or large cores. The rationality of structure should be paid attention to when assembling.

Thread forming parts structure

Thread cores are used to form internal threads, and thread rings are used to form external threads. Thread forming parts include threaded cores and rings. Generally, there are three ways to exit threads, namely, forced release, machine release and manual release. The forced stripping method is suitable for polyethylene and polypropylene plastics; the machine stripping can improve efficiency; and the manual stripping die has simple structure. When forming external threads, the threaded ring can also be made into two-lobe type, using the Huff mode. In addition, the former is used to form internal threads on plastic parts or inserts with internal threads, while the latter is used to form external threads on plastic parts. After injection moulding, the threaded parts are screwed out of the plastic parts outside the mould.



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Plastic part tooling plastic injection mold for household product, CNC Machining

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