Plastic injection mold plastic tool for electronic product

Plastic injection mold plastic tool for electronic product

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Plastic injection mold plastic tool for electronic product


Plastic injection mold plastic tool for electronic product

Threaded core

In the design of threaded core structure, first of all, the positioning and fixing of threaded core in the die should be considered.

Thread core for lower die. It is most convenient to install threaded core on the lower die of vertical injection machine. It is used for forming threaded holes on plastic parts, positioning the end face of the core, and placing metal inserts with internal threads. The end face of the insert is used to locate the axial direction.

In production, blind hole threaded inserts are directly mounted on the core rod. Under the action of high-pressure melt, especially when the viscosity of plastic melt is low, in order to prevent the extrusion of melt, the combination of conical or cylindrical surface can be used to seal, and also to position the core axially.

Elastically connected threaded core.

Elastic connection and clamping core must be used on the die of horizontal injection machine or the upper die of vertical injection machine, which can be loaded and unloaded quickly. The slot handle is elastically connected to the positioning hole, and is suitable for threaded cores under 8 mm. The former uses a compression spring to elastically press the steel balls into the groove and clamp the core rod; the latter is a threaded core connected by a spring chuck, which is reliable in use but complicated in manufacture.

Threaded Ring

The threaded ring is fitted into the hole of the template with small clearance. The fit length is generally not more than 5 mm, and the rest is "conical surface". It is convenient for quick-loading and easy to remove plastic parts from the die hole together. The integral ring is provided with a wrench plane outside the ring. The threaded ring can be screwed out of the plastic part. The split type ring can be pried open by wedge groove. There will be flying marks on the threaded plastic parts. There are two small guide pins for positioning when resetting.

Factors Influencing the Dimensional Accuracy of Plastic Products

The main factors affecting the size of plastic parts are:

(1) manufacturing tolerance of the forming parts themselves;

(2) wear during use;

(3) fluctuation of shrinkage rate.

The working dimension is defined as the dimension of the parts which contact with plastic and determine the geometrical shape of the parts. Because of the special properties of plastic products, there will be dimension deviation between the actual size and nominal size of plastic parts after forming. Therefore, in the design of moulds, it is necessary to determine the corresponding size and accuracy grade of the forming parts according to the size and accuracy requirements of the products, so as to ensure that the working size of the forming parts meets the requirements of use. The factors affecting the precision of plastic products are more complex. First, it is related to the manufacturing tolerance of the forming parts. Obviously, the lower the precision of the forming parts, the lower the size or shape precision of the products produced. Secondly, the difference between the estimated shrinkage and the actual shrinkage and the fluctuation of shrinkage in the production of products will affect the precision of plastic parts. In addition, the continuous wear and tear of the cavity in the use process will make the size of the products produced by the same die different in the new and old times. The change of fit clearance of movable forming parts (the thickness of overflow clearance on the upper and lower die surface fluctuates within a certain range) and the change of installation dimension of fixed forming parts will affect the precision of plastic parts.



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Plastic injection mold plastic tool for electronic product


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