Tooling, injection mould for mechanical parts, plastic mold

Tooling, injection mould for mechanical parts, plastic mold

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Tooling, injection mould for mechanical parts, plastic mold


Tooling, injection mould for mechanical parts, plastic mold

Rigidity and strength check of general forming parts:

When the cavity is fully filled, the internal pressure reaches the maximum.

Insufficient stiffness is the main problem of large-size cavity, and stiffness checking is the main method.

The main contradiction of small size cavity is the insufficient strength, and the main contradiction is the strength check.

Formula for checking strength of die.

Plastic moulds mainly bear two forces in the process of using: one is the clamping force of injection moulds. The clamping force causes great compressive stress on the parting surface. If the contact area is not enough, yield deformation will occur. Similarly, the problem of compressive yield deformation may occur between the template and the support in the mould. If the die section size is too small, the injection moulds will be damaged in turn. Template, causing tremendous damage.

On the other hand, in the process of plastic injection moulding, the pressure in the cavity can reach a very high value at the moment of full filling of the mould. Therefore, the cavity should have enough wall thickness to withstand the high pressure produced by the filling of plastic melt. Otherwise, it may cause the failure of the die due to insufficient strength, plastic deformation or even rupture; or the excessive elastic deformation due to insufficient stiffness, resulting in the large gap between the forming parts on their contact or mating surfaces, resulting in spills and other phenomena, which will not only lead to the product accuracy not meet the technical requirements, but also. It is possible to scratch or tear the product during demoulding; plastic deformation may occur if the strength is insufficient, and even cracks or fracture may occur at the maximum stress. When the deformation of the cavity size is larger than the shrinkage of the product, the elastic recovery of the product after forming will make the cavity tightly enclose the product, thus causing difficulties in opening the die. In addition, for the die with cylindrical or rectangular cross-section core, when the core strength is insufficient and the bending deformation occurs, the result will be eccentricity of the plastic parts, size overshoot and difficult demoulding. Therefore, the strength and stiffness should be calculated when designing the die.

In the forming parts, the cavity and the dynamic die pad are the main force-bearing components of the cavity. It is usually necessary to calculate and check the strength and stiffness of the cavity. When necessary, the modification and offset of the core under the action of high-pressure melt should also be checked.

For large size cavity, insufficient stiffness is the main contradiction. It is necessary to prevent excessive elastic deformation of the die. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the allowable deformation under different conditions, calculate the wall thickness and cushion plate thickness with stiffness condition calculation formula, and then check with strength condition calculation formula. The small size die is mainly the strength problem. First of all, the plastic deformation and fracture of the die should be prevented. Therefore, it is necessary to design and calculate the thickness of cavity wall and cushion plate by strength condition calculation formula, and then check by stiffness condition calculation formula.




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Tooling, injection mould for mechanical parts, plastic mold


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