Mechanical tooling, plastic parts mould, CNC machining

Mechanical tooling, plastic parts mould, CNC machining

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Mechanical tooling, plastic parts mould, CNC machining


Mechanical tooling, plastic parts mould, CNC machining

For the die with complex cavity, the accurate calculation of strength and stiffness of the cavity and cushion plate is carried out by means of computer and numerical analysis method based on finite difference method, finite element method or boundary element method. In this paper, all kinds of cavity structures are classified into four types: circular cavity and rectangular cavity. The traditional mechanical method is introduced to solve the general calculation of strength and stiffness.

The condition of strength calculation is that the stress under various forms of force does not exceed the allowable stress. Firstly, the contact compressive stress at the fixed template of the injection machine is checked, and the yield deformation of the formed parts is not allowed during the use of the mould.

Because of the particularity of the die, the stiffness conditions should be considered from the following three aspects.

There is no spill in the die cavity. When the high-pressure plastic melt is injected into the die cavity, the side wall or the bottom plate of the die cavity will be deformed, and some mating surfaces will produce enough spill clearance to form a flying edge on the product. At this time, the stiffness condition of the die cavity should be determined according to the maximum non-spill clearance of different plastics.

Guarantee the dimensional accuracy of plastic products. When some sizes or matching accuracy of plastic products are required to be higher, the deformation can not be too large, so as to avoid overshooting the products.

When the deformation exceeds the shrinkage value of the product, the side wall of the springback cavity will be wrapped tightly around the product, which makes it difficult to demould. Forced ejection is easy to scratch or crack the product.

The basic structural parts of injection mold are composed of two parts, namely the clamping guide mechanism and supporting parts. For injection moulds, the main function of the clamping guide mechanism is to ensure the accurate fit between the moving part and the fixed part or other parts in the mould, so as to ensure the shape and size accuracy of injection moulded products, and avoid collision and interference between parts in the mould.

The function of clamping guide mechanism:

It can ensure the precise closing of the moving die and the fixed die. When closing the die, the guide mechanism is used to guide the die. Then the punch and the concave die are closed again, which can avoid the damage caused by the collision between the punch and the concave die.

Because the shape of the cavity is not necessarily symmetrical, the force acting on the wall of the cavity by the melt in the cavity is also different. At this time, the guiding mechanism can withstand certain lateral pressure.

Because of the strong guiding function of the guide mechanism, the combination of the guide mechanism is used first when closing the die, so the accuracy of the relative position of the punch and the concave die is guaranteed.

For the demoulding mechanism of large and medium-sized injection moulds, the guide mechanism can guide the clamping, guide pillar and guide sleeve to play a buffer role, so that the clamping motion can be guaranteed smoothly.



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Mechanical tooling, plastic parts mould, CNC machining


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