Precision tooling, plastic mold/mould, injection moulding

Precision tooling, plastic mold/mould, injection moulding

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Precision tooling, plastic mold/mould,injection moulding


Precision tooling, plastic mold/mould,injection moulding

Design Principles of Mould-closing Guiding Mechanism

The parts of the guide mechanism should be reasonably distributed around or near the edge of the die, and there should be enough distance between the center and the edge of the die to ensure the strength of the die and prevent deformation.

There should be at least one thickness of the diameter of the guide pillar from the center of the guide pillar to the outer edge of the die. The guide pillar is usually located on the long side 1/3 of the center line.

The guide sleeve die usually only needs 2 to 4 guide pillars. For small die, only two guide pillars with the same diameter and symmetrical distribution are needed.

In order to ensure a good contact between the parting surface, the guide pillar and the guide sleeve should be equipped with a chip-bearing groove at the parting surface, which is generally to cut off one surface or chamfer the orifice of the guide sleeve.

Since the plastic parts are usually left in the moving die, the guide pillar is usually fixed in order to facilitate demoulding. But in some special occasions, such as when the moving die uses a push plate to eject plastic parts, the push plate should be guided by the guide pillar, and the guide pillar should be installed on the moving die.

The axes of the guide pillars, bushes and holes should be kept parallel, otherwise the accuracy of clamping will be affected. Even damage the die.

In the process of die closing, the guide parts should be contacted first, and the punch should not be put into the die first, resulting in damage to the parts.

When combined processing is used for movable and fixed formwork, the diameter of guide post assembly should be equal to the outer diameter of guide sleeve.

If the die is relatively simple, the guide sleeve is not needed, but can be directly matched with the guide hole of the die.

The guide part of the guide pillar should be spherical or conical, and its height should be higher than the core to ensure that the guide pillar enters the guide sleeve smoothly.

Supporting Parts

The main function of the foot is to form the action space of the ejection mechanism between the movable die base plate and the movable die base plate, or to adjust the total thickness of the mould to meet the requirements of the thickness of the mould installation of the injection machine. The structure is composed of parallel cushion block and corner cushion block.

The supporting column acts as a supplementary support for the ejection space and a guide for the ejector fixing plate. Cylindrical shape is often used. Distribution should be as uniform as possible. Generally, it should be based on the working condition of the bearing plate of the public formwork and the available space.

Clamping guide mechanism

General guide pillar is the main component of clamping guide mechanism. At the same time, in order to ensure the processing accuracy of large injection moulds, deep cavities, high precision products or thin-walled containers and eccentric products, it is necessary to increase the conical positioning mechanism. The basic requirements of the clamping mechanism are accurate positioning, precise orientation and sufficient strength, stiffness and wear resistance.



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Precision tooling, plastic mold/mould,injection moulding


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