Plastic tooling, Automotive plastic part&injection molding

Plastic tooling, Automotive plastic part&injection molding

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Plastic tooling, Automotive plastic part&injection molding


Plastic tooling, Automotive plastic part&injection molding


There are two kinds of fixed wedge and movable wedge in the die

Fixed wedge

Fixed wedge is an important working part with dual functions. It acts as a punch when blanking, and can also push the movable die to move to the center of the die to complete the final forming of the workpiece. Fixed wedge has high working frequency and high stress. It is recommended to use T10A steel and harden it to HRC56 ~ 60 to obtain high strength, wear resistance and toughness.

Movable wedge

The movable wedge is made of 45 steel with heat treatment hardness HRC43 ~ 48, which requires good wear resistance and motion stability.

Correct Use of Injection Mold

The correct use of injection moulds can improve the quality of production and create qualified finished moulds. Injection moulds require special care during processing, storage and production. When the closure of the die begins the next cycle, the plastic parts remaining in the die will be damaged and such damage may further endanger the use of the die. Therefore, measures are usually taken to ensure that all parts of the plastic parts are demoulded and the demoulding parts are reset before the mould is allowed to close. For a single cavity mould, a photoelectric tube is enough to detect whether the injection moulding parts are falling. For multi-cavity dies, this method can not be used. In this case, the following methods are adopted: template first reset device; multi-pulse demoulding device (pulse demoulding device); electromechanical mould protection device; air exhaust device; ejector reset safety device. However, the ejector reset safety device needs to change the die structure.

The ejection mechanism is also a very important part in the injection mold. Its function is to eject the plastic parts and the runner condensate from the mold. This mechanism is called demoulding mechanism or top (push) mechanism. In most cases, the plastic parts are left on the side of the moving die, the ejection mechanism of the injection machine is also set on the moving template, and the ejection mechanism of the injection mould is also set on the moving die part. Therefore, ejection mechanism includes ejector cushion plate, ejector fixing plate, ejector rod, pipe jacking and ejector plate and other parts. The ejection force is required to distribute evenly in all parts of the plastic parts to prevent the deformation of the plastic parts in the ejection process.

Typical structure and composition of ejection mechanism

The push rod directly in contact with the plastic parts is clamped by the ejection fixing plate and the ejection plate after being connected by bolts. The top pillar on the injection machine acts on the ejector plate, and the plastic parts are pushed out from the core through the ejector rod to transfer the ejection force. In order to make the ejection stable, reduce the deformation of ejection parts, avoid stagnation and excessive wear, guide pillars and guide bushes should be set to guide the implementation. The hook rod hooks the condensate of the pouring system at the instant of opening the mould, leaving it with the plastic parts in the moving mould, and ejects the condensate at the time of demoulding. The return rod is extruded by the parting surface of the fixed die to reset the whole demoulding mechanism. Some moulds are also equipped with a stop pin 8, so long as the thickness of the stop pin is adjusted, the extension position of the ejector rod can be adjusted. In the vertical injection machine, the gap formed by the stop pin can also avoid the influence of waste residence on the position of the mechanism.



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Plastic tooling, Automotive plastic part&injection molding


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