Injection molding production and plastic part mold/tooling

Injection molding production and plastic part mold/tooling

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Injection molding production and plastic part mold/tooling


Injection molding production and plastic part mold/tooling

Design requirements of ejection mechanism

Structural optimization and reliable operation of the mechanism is as simple as possible, parts manufacturing is convenient, easy to replace; the mechanism is accurate and reliable, flexible operation; the mechanism itself should have sufficient stiffness and strength to withstand the resistance of demoulding.

It does not affect the appearance of the plastic parts, and does not cause deformation damage of the plastic parts. The ejection position should be located as far as possible in the interior or or concealed place of the plastic parts, so as to maintain the good appearance of the plastic parts, so that the plastic parts can not be deformed and scratched during the demoulding process. To achieve this, it is necessary to correctly analyze the size of the demoulding force and the position of the force concentration point, so as to find out the basis for choosing the appropriate demoulding mode and pushing position.

After shrinkage, the core will be wrapped tightly. Therefore, the action point of ejection force should be as close as possible to the core and be able to act on the parts with the greatest stiffness or strength, such as ribs, flanges, shell sidewalls and so on. The action area of ejection force should be as large as possible. Otherwise, "stress whitening" may occur at the ejection of plastic parts and even cause ejection wear and damage.

As the ejection device is usually located on the movable template of the injection machine, it is hoped that the plastic parts can be left on the half-die with ejection device. If the geometric shape of the plastic part is not allowed to remain in the moving die, the modification of the shape of the plastic part or the adoption of some measures such as "forced retention" in the structure of the die should be considered. When it is really difficult to handle, the plastic parts can also be left at the edge of the fixed die, and the corresponding demoulding device is set on the fixed die.

The fit clearance of demoulding parts is suitable, and the adhesion of plastic parts on the core without spills is mostly caused by the shrinkage of plastic parts. It is related to the properties of plastics, geometry, mould temperature, cooling time, demoulding slope and surface roughness of the cavity. Generally speaking, when the shrinkage rate is large, the thickness is thick, the elastic modulus is large, the core shape is complex, the demoulding slope is small and the surface is rough, the demoulding resistance is large, and vice versa.

In the process of plastic forming, the core of molten plastic in the cavity is wrapped by curing shrinkage. In order to make the plastic part fall off, an ejection force must be applied on the plastic part after the opening of the mould to overcome the wrapping force of the plastic part. The ejection action point should be as close as possible to the core, and the ejection force should be applied to the maximum part of the rigidity and strength of the plastic part, i.e. the flange or the reinforcing rib and the wall thickness of the product. The size of the force depends on the size of the ejection force. When the ejection force is large, the ejection area is relatively large. The ejection force is also the main basis of the structure and size of ejection mechanism. It is related to the type of plastics, the area of the plastic parts contained in the core and the heat shrinkage value of the plastic parts.




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Injection molding production and plastic part mold/tooling


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