Plastic mold for ABS material plastic part, CNC machining

Plastic mold for ABS material plastic part, CNC machining

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Plastic mold for ABS material plastic part, CNC machining


Plastic mold for ABS material plastic part, CNC machining

Main Structural Forms of Push (Top) Rod Demoulding Mechanism

The Form of Push (Top) Rod

Pushing (top) rod has many forms, but the most commonly used one is round cross-section top rod. Generally speaking, the top rod, like other parts, requires no appearance defects such as scars, cracks and rust spots.

Material for Pushing (Top) Rod

Push rods can be made of T8A, T10A, 65Mn and medium carbon steel. Integral quenching or local quenching of working section up to 50 ~ 55HRC, quenching length should be matched with length plus 1.5 times of demoulding stroke to prevent occlusion with the hole.

Coordination of ejector rod and ejector hole

Clearance fit between ejector rod and ejector rod hole is suitable for H8/f8. The mating clearance between the ejector hole and the ejector rod can both play the role of exhaust, but can not exceed the plastic overflow clearance.

Guide device for ejector rod demoulding

The distribution of the ejector rod in the die is not very uniform, and when the ejector rod is more, the resultant force of the ejector rod is not necessarily in the center of the ejector mechanism, nor is it necessarily consistent with the axial direction of the ejector rod of the injection machine. Because of the uneven force and offset, it is easy to bend the slender ejector rod in the die, and at the same time, the ejection bottom may be deformed. The guide device of ejection mechanism should be set in the proper place in the die. The guide device should be guided by guide pillars. Generally, it should not be less than 2, and the large-scale die should be installed with 4.

Installation and Arrangement of Push (Top) Rod

Installation of push rod. The convex shoulder is usually pressed between the pit of the push-out plate and the push-out plate, and the two plates are fastened by screws. The shoulder height of all push rods and return rods gives allowance to the depth of the sinking pit. After the push rod and return rod are inserted into the fixed plate, they should be put up and ground to a plane with the plate. The convex shoulder of the ejector bar is clamped with the plane of the ejector plate and the fixing plate, thus avoiding the sinking hole processing. It is possible to loosen the ejector rod by screw.

It is difficult to achieve the uniformity between the working end face of the ejector rod and the surface of the plastic part. The ejector rod is allowed to penetrate the surface of the plastic part not more than 0.1mm. Generally, the ejector rod end face is not allowed to be lower than the forming surface of the plastic part.

Push rod arrangement.

The following principles should be followed when arranging the ejector rod: considering the balance of demoulding force and avoiding additional tilting moment as far as possible. Pushing rods should be set at the rib and convex platform; the gate should not be aligned with the end face of the push rod, so if the pressure is too high, the push rod will damage the push rod; Pushing rod should be set at the position where the exhaust is difficult; as long as the appearance of the plastic parts is not damaged, the top rod should be set as many as possible to alleviate the release contact stress of the plastic parts.



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Plastic mold for ABS material plastic part, CNC machining


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