Injection molding household plastic parts, plastic tooling

Injection molding household plastic parts, plastic tooling

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Injection molding household plastic parts, plastic tooling


Injection molding household plastic parts, plastic tooling

Generally, the number of ejector rods should be as small as possible and set as far as possible on the inside of the product in order to avoid leaving traces on the appearance of the product when ejecting. Reasonable ejector arrangement principle is: according to the shape of the product, more ejection can be set for parts that are difficult to eject, less for parts that are easy to eject, so that the ejection force of the ejector can be balanced and the product can eject smoothly.

Calculation of stability of push (top) rod

The breakage of slender push rod in injection mould is a common accident. In addition to the damage of the working face will directly affect the quality of the plastic parts, the deformation or even bending fracture of the push rod column will also damage the die. The breakage of push rod in production is a stability problem of slender press rod.

Relocation of ejector rod

The ejection mechanism of ejector must make the ejector contacted with the product return to its original position in the next cycle when the ejection action is completed. Generally, according to the action of demoulding and whether the product drops off automatically after ejection, or even some products need the second ejection action, so the reset setting of the ejection mechanism of the die is more important, typically spring reset and reset rod reset.

Jacking jacking ejector

Push tube demoulding is commonly used for the introduction of cylindrical plastic parts. It can provide a more uniform demoulding force, and it is more advantageous for forming a multi cavity mold. The concentricity of the hole and its outer circle can be guaranteed by designing both the cavity and the core in the dynamic die. For some special structure products, such as cylindrical products, pipe jacking is usually used as ejection parts of demoulding mechanism. The difference between the ejection and the ejection of the ejection rod is that the ejection requires pipe jacking. For the small diameter cylinder and the conical cylinder, the ejection tube can only be used to eject the mould.

Long core

The core is fastened to the bottom plate of the die. It is only used in occasions where the demoulding stroke is not large.

Medium-long core

Push and pull with push rod, the core and push tube of this structure can be shorter.

Short core

This structure is widely used. In order to avoid the involvement of the core fixing shoulder with the moving pusher, the core shoulder needs to be notched or fixed by keys, and because the pusher must also open windows or cut into 2-3 feet, the connection strength and positioning accuracy of the core will be weakened, and the strength of the pusher will also be weakened.

In order to reduce the matching length between the core and the push tube, the diameter of the back section of the core is reduced, while the diameter of the core is unchanged, and the inner hole of the back section of the push tube is enlarged. In order to protect the moulding surface of the cavity and core, the push tube should not be rubbed against the moulding surface when it is pushed out. Therefore, the nominal outer diameter of the push tube is slightly smaller than that of the cavity, and the inner diameter of the push tube should be slightly larger than that of the core.



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Injection molding household plastic parts, plastic tooling


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