Tooling for plastic parts, CNC machining, Polishing service

Tooling for plastic parts, CNC machining, Polishing service

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Tooling for plastic parts, CNC machining, Polishing service


Tooling for plastic parts, CNC machining, Polishing service

Movable inserts and cavity demoulding mechanism

Some plastic parts can not be demoulded by ejection mechanism such as ejector rod, roof, pipe jacking or ejector block because of their structure, shape or plastic material used. At this time, moulding inserts or cavity are used to demould.

Ejection Structure Using Molded Parts (Composite)

Some products, such as gears or some products with flanges, are liable to be deformed if ejector rod is used for demoulding; if ejector plate is used for non-demoulding, one of the ejector blocks in the forming parts can be used for ejection device.

Many kinds of ejection mechanisms are used in ejection device, such as compound ejection of push plate and ejection rod, compound ejection of ejection rod and forming parts, compound ejection of pipe jacking and ejection rod, and mixed ejection of multiple ejection mechanisms are also common. The combined demoulding mechanism is also called the multi-component combined demoulding mechanism. In the design of demoulding mechanism, if encounter some complex plastic parts, such as thin-walled shell with convex platform and ribs, and combined with the cylinder body. This requires a demoulding mechanism composed of two or more components.

Push plate and push rod are jointly pushed out to pull the push plate out of the shell. The hanging foot in the local deep cavity is pushed out with push rod to prevent the breakage of the hanging foot.

The outer shell of a plastic part jointly pushed by a push plate and a push tube is demoulded by a push plate, while the central tubular structure is pushed out by a push tube.

Push-tube and push-rod are used for demoulding plastic parts. Push-tube is used in the center while multiple push-rods are used for demoulding the outer shell. This push rod can be used as both return rod.

It must be noted that when multi-component combination demoulding is adopted, all kinds of push rods, push tubes, push plates, and push rods with inserts should be synchronized.

Form of demoulding mechanism for plastics (side setting of fixed mould) in pouring system

At the same time, the condensate of the pouring system should also fall off when the plastic parts are completely demoulded from the die cavity. For the demoulding of the runner, the pull rod is connected with the ejection bottom plate to eject the product at the same time. For the ejection of the diversion channel, the ejection rod can also be set up in the diversion channel. The three-plate point gate die is more commonly used to eject the condensate of the runner with the ejection plate, and the inclination of the diversion channel. The hole is used together to make the condensate of the runner demould smoothly. Sometimes because of the special shape of plastic parts, or in order to keep the gate inside the plastic parts, the mould is specially designed to make the plastic parts stay at the fixed edge of the structure. The purpose is to draw the demoulding mechanism on the fixing die by the opening motion. Therefore, the effective demoulding stroke is larger and the traction stroke is longer. Commonly used traction mechanisms are chains, hooks, pull plates, gears and racks, etc. Chain traction fixed die edge push plate makes the mechanism of plastic parts demoulding need two or four chains, each chain should be balanced in force. In addition, a connecting seat is also provided to ensure that the chain is not jammed when closing the mould.




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Tooling for plastic parts, CNC machining, Polishing service


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