Plastic injection mold/tool&injection molding plastic parts

Plastic injection mold/tool&injection molding plastic parts

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Plastic injection mold/tool&injection molding plastic parts


Plastic injection mold/tool&injection molding plastic parts

Double demoulding (sequential) demoulding mechanism

This mechanism is used when the adhesion and wrapping force of the plastic parts to the moving die and the fixed die are similar. If the plastic parts are equipped with cores at the moving die and the fixed die edges, and the shrinkage wrapping force of the plastic parts to the two cores is not very different, or when the inclination of the internal and external wall demoulding is unequal, it is difficult to determine the retention tendency of the movable fixed die, the double demoulding mechanism should be used at this time, that is, the movable die. The demoulding mechanism should be installed on both sides of the fixing die, and the product can be pulled out no matter where it is left. However, the uncertainty of the orientation of the plastic parts will also bring inconvenience to the operation, even in the instant of opening the mould, the plastic parts will be pulled out. Therefore, the best way is to break the plastic part out of the fixed mold first, and then leave the product at the moving edge, then push the plastic part out from the moving edge. This kind of double demoulding mechanism with sequential demoulding method has been widely used.

Compressed air sequential double demoulding mechanism

The simplest double demoulding mechanism is the one using compressed air. In fact, it is also carried out by sequential demoulding. The structure features that both sides of the moving and fixing moulds are equipped with fungus-shaped air intake valves. When opening moulds, the solenoid valves at the fixed moulds are opened first, and compressed air is introduced into the core of the moving model. When the opening stroke is terminated, the solenoid valves at the moving moulds are opened, and the compressed air is blown in to make the products fall off. Sometimes, a side-blowing nozzle is also provided to make the moulds fall horizontally.

Spring type double ejection demoulding mechanism

Most of the plastic parts are ejected from the die cavity at one time, but some parts are complex in shape, and can not be completely ejected after one ejection. This situation requires two ejections in order to make the plastic parts fall off. If the force of one ejection is too large, the second ejection is often used.

The purpose of the second ejection demoulding is to make the plastic parts completely fall off and easy to realize automation.

Spring thrust double demoulding (sequential demoulding) mechanism uses spring thrust and fixed distance of pulling plate to demould the edge of the mould, which first makes the plastic part stay in the dynamic model cavity. Later, the ejector rod of the movable die is used to push the ejector for a long distance, so it is quite convenient to take the parts. If demoulding directly at the fixed die edge requires a long working distance of the hard spring on the fixed die, it will be difficult to achieve.

Spring locking double demoulding (sequential demoulding) mechanism uses various spring mechanisms to lock the secondly opened parting surface. When the first parting is in place, it is positioned by fixed pitch screw to overcome the spring force and force the secondly opened parting surface. The simplest one is the guide pillar and positioning screw sequential parting mechanism. When opening the mould, the hemispherical head of the positioning pin is pressed in the groove of the guide pillar by the spring, so that the mould can be divided from A plane. When the end of the long groove on the guide rod collides with the spacing pin, the fixed model cavity stops moving, and the positioning pin is forced to withdraw from the semi-circular groove of the guide pillar. When the mould is partitioned from the parting surface B, the push plate pushes the plastic part out under the function of the push rod when continuing opening the mould. This kind of mechanism has simple structure, but its tension force is small. It can only be used in the case of the first parting of the fixed die edge (A-plane parting) and the parting force is small.




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Plastic injection mold/tool&injection molding plastic parts


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