Electronic tooling, injection molding electronic product

Electronic tooling, injection molding electronic product

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Electronic tooling, injection molding electronic product


Electronic tooling, injection molding electronic product

Double demoulding mechanism for pulling hook sequential parting

The bottom of a pelvic plastic part is provided with a number of reinforcing bars. When opening the mould, the plastic parts are left or left indefinitely on both sides of the moving and fixed moulds. The mechanism first demoulds the core of the fixed model by using the hook and the limit screw, so that the plastic parts stay in the cavity plate of the fixed model. When the end of the hook is in contact with the roller, the movable and fixed die is partitioned. At this time, the plastic part is wrapped on the core of the moving die. Finally, the core of the plastic part is removed by the pushing plate of the moving die edge. These two mechanisms can realize the action requirement of double demoulding and have sequential parting process.

Auxiliary device of demoulding mechanism

Guiding mechanism

For large size ejector plate, in order to prevent the inclination during demoulding process, it is necessary to attach a guiding mechanism. The guide pillars of large and medium-sized injection moulds can also play the role of supporting pillars to reduce the flexural deformation of the dynamic die cushion plate. Only when the batch of plastic parts is small, no guide sleeve is set. It is also useful for backhaul rods to play a guiding role, which requires that the backhaul rod be coarsened and the length of its matching lengths be lengthened.

Return reset mechanism

After the die is opened to take parts and before the next injection, the moving elements must be restored to their original positions. This process is called backhaul or reset. For common ejection mechanism, besides ejection type slider core pulling which contacts the opposite template when ejecting the template or the end face of the slider is in contact with the opposite template, the ejection reset mechanism must be set up for the general ejection mechanism. Common methods include spring return, ejector and return rod return and return rod return.

Spring return return return spring has simple structure, but it is easy to fail and has short service life. It is commonly used in the small size of formwork or pusher plate, where the die is small. It is to install enough springs between pusher plate and cushion plate. After pushing back, the injection machine pushes the template to reset by restoring the spring deformation when pushing back.

When the ejector rod (or sleeve) is used to push the edge of the plastic part, the ejector rod can be used as the ejector rod if the top part of the ejector rod exceeds the plastic part. When the ejector rod is pressed by the opposite template, the ejector is driven to reset. Generally, two symmetrical pins can be reset for small dies, four for medium dies and more for large dies.

The ejector plate of injection moulding machine will not return by itself after mechanical ejection with return rod. The return rod is set on the mould. The ejector rod is ejected back by static contact with the ejector rod while the mould is closed, and the ejector pin and ejector plate are ejected together by the ejector rod. The most commonly used reliable reset mechanism, small molds are used 2 or 4 return, large and medium-sized molds in order to reset smoothly can use more than one (such as 6, 8, etc.). In mass production, in order to ensure accurate reset, the return rod and the opposite template should be quenched at the top to avoid deformation.




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Electronic tooling, injection molding electronic product


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