Plastic tooling,Auto part plastic mold and injection molding

Plastic tooling,Auto part plastic mold and injection molding

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Plastic tooling, Auto parts plastic mold and injection molding


Plastic tooling, Auto parts plastic mold and injection molding

Fixed-pitch type tension mechanism

Generally, the design of the die keeps the plastic parts on the side of the moving die as far as possible, but sometimes some special shaped plastic parts are encountered. When opening the die, they may be attached to the side of the moving die or to the side of the fixing die. Therefore, the demoulding mechanism should be set on both sides of the moving and fixing die. At the same time, according to some requirements of the plastic parts (for example, to remove the condensate from the pouring system), it is often necessary to design the fixed-die parting mechanism, then to make the moving and fixed-die parting, and finally to release the plastic parts by pushing out the parts. This kind of mechanism is called sequential release mechanism, also known as fixed-distance parting and tension mechanism.

Manual lateral parting core pulling mechanism

Most of the manual side-pulling core or separate valve modules are carried out outside the mould. After opening the mould, the plastic parts are pushed out together with the movable core or valve module. After separating from the plastic parts, the core or valve module is re-fitted into the mould for the next forming. There are also side core or valve closure module kept in the die, through the human drive mechanism to drive cams, gears, threads, etc. for drawing. The advantage of manual parting and core pulling mechanism is that it can simplify the die structure. The disadvantage is that it has high labor intensity, low production efficiency and can not be automated production. Therefore, it is only suitable for the die with small batch production or trial production. This type of demoulding mechanism has not been widely used.

After demoulding, the core or insert is removed manually. When removing the core or insert and reinstalling it back into the mould, it should be noted that the movable core or insert must be positioned reliably, and it should not be displaced when clamping and injection moulding, so as to avoid the parts being scrapped or the mould being damaged.

Mechanical lateral parting core pulling mechanism

Usually with the help of the opening force of the injection machine, the lateral parting and core pulling can be accomplished by changing the direction of motion of a certain mechanism, while the closing force is used to reset the core. The most typical is the oblique guide pillar parting core-pulling mechanism, other such as spring parting core-pulling mechanism, oblique slider parting core-pulling mechanism, gear rack parting core-pulling mechanism and so on. Its characteristics are reasonable economy, reliable action and easy to realize automatic operation, which is widely used in production.

Spring parting core pulling mechanism

It is suitable for the occasion of small drawing distance and small drawing force. Its structure is simple and the core-pulling action is realized by using spring (or hard rubber). The plastic parts are square (or circular) box-shaped products with groove-shaped lateral concave. During the opening process, the wedge recedes and the slider pulls out the core on the outside under the action of rubber (or spring). The drawing distance is limited by the block on the moving template. When closing the mould, the locking wedge forces the slide to reset and lock, and the slide slides in the guide chute.




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Plastic tooling, Auto parts plastic mold and injection molding


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