Household parts tooling, plastic mold, injection moulding

Household parts tooling, plastic mold, injection moulding

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Household parts tooling, plastic mold, injection moulding


Household parts tooling, plastic mold, injection moulding


Structures of slider assemblies. The slider is similar to the core. There are two common forms: integral type and combined type. The combined type is to install the moulded core on the slider. The advantages of this combination are as follows:

Save steel (core using high quality steel and slider using ordinary steel).

Easy to process. At present, the more widely used way is to use combination. Common combination: core and slider combination structure.

Structural design of slider. The slider structure can take many forms. The valve closing mode slider can also be a core slider. The slider can be made into a whole type or a combination type. The forming part of the front end of the combined slider is manufactured separately from the main body of the slider, and then fastened into a whole by different connection forms. The forming part can be manufactured separately by high quality steel and heat treatment. The combination type can reduce the difficulty of processing, which is often used in large sliders. Connection modes include cross pin connection, thread connection, pressing plate fastening, etc. There are through holes on the slider, which makes it easy to knock out the core during maintenance. The bottom and both sides of the slider are sliding surfaces, which should have sufficient hardness and lower roughness. The sliding part of the slider is hardened 53 ~ 55HRC back inlay to increase its wear resistance.

Guide chute

The structure of guide chute.

The way of cooperation between slider and guide chute is changeable. The guide chute is not as strict as the guide pillar in the die for positioning. But in the process of core pulling, it is necessary to ensure that the slider runs in balance and does not appear jumping, striking and stuck. The most commonly used form of guide chute is to ensure that the slider runs smoothly.

Structural design of guide chute.

The matching requirement of guide chute and slider is smooth movement, neither too loose nor too tight. The precision of dovetail chute is higher, but it is difficult to manufacture. Generally, T-shaped sliding groove is used. The sliding groove can be made into a whole type. In order to facilitate the processing of high surface quality and high precision sliding groove, it is mostly made into a combination type. In the design of the combined sliding chute, the slider and the sliding chute are matched on one side (H8/7 for dynamic matching), and the clearance between the other surfaces is Y0.5-1mm. The sliding surface should have enough hardness (52-56HRC) and should be slightly harder than the slider. In order to keep the slider from deflecting, the sliding surface of the slider should have enough length, preferably 1-1.5 times the width of the sliding groove. When the slider stops moving after pulling out, the sliding surface may not be all left in the sliding groove, but the length of the part left in the sliding groove should not be less than the width of the slider, so as to avoid the slider inclination recurrence. It's difficult. When the size of the guide chute is not long enough, it is not necessary to increase the size of the whole die, but only to lengthen the length of the guide chute locally.




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Household parts tooling, plastic mold, injection moulding


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