Plastic injection mold for automotive, injection molding

Plastic injection mold for automotive, injection molding

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Plastic injection mold for automotive, injection molding


Plastic injection mold for automotive, injection molding

Location of slider

After the opening of the die, the force of the opening die is very large. Under the pulling force, the oblique slider must be able to accurately locate at a certain position of the slideway. The oblique slider is not necessarily horizontal or vertical in the die. At this time, if the die closure can not accurately lead the inclined guide pillar into the inclined slider, it will inevitably damage the die.

In general, the positioning device of the slider when opening the mould. For example, when the slider and the inclined guide pillar leave each other after parting and core pulling, the slider must stay in the position of rigid separation so that the inclined pin can enter the inclined hole of the slider smoothly when closing the die. Therefore, the positioning device of the slider must be set up.

In addition, when the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, the clamping block is closed. High pressure acts on the core or valve closure module and forces the slider to move out. The total force is equal to the product of the pressure of the plastic melt and the projection area of the pressure acting on the core or module (along the sliding direction). Because of the poor stiffness of the inclined guide pillar, wedge plane is often used to bear the lateral thrust. At the same time, the accuracy of the inclined guide pillar can not guarantee the accurate positioning of the slider, while the higher accuracy of the wedge plane can ensure the accuracy of the slider position when clamping. The structural form of wedge is determined by the shape of the slider and the size of the force exerted on it. Wedge blocks must also have sufficient surface hardness (5256HRC) to prevent abrasion or deformation. The oblique angle of the locking wedge should be slightly larger than that of the oblique guide pillar, which can make the inclined plane of the wedge leave the slider quickly without interference when opening the die.

The most typical form of side core-pulling of inclined guide pillar parting structure is to use inclined guide pillar core-pulling method, which also includes a variety of ways. These different kinds of core-pulling methods are basically the same as inclined guide pillar core-pulling method. A movable core structure consisting of a combination of a movable core and a slider, and a movable component consisting of a sliding slider and a sliding groove alone. There are two kinds of common:

The oblique guide pillar is used as the combination form of the mechanism components of the pulling power.

The non-oblique guide pillar is used as the combination mode of pulling force mechanism components (using module gravity, bending pin, ejector, wedge, hydraulic pressure, etc.).

When the inclined guide pillar is used as the power component of moving core pulling, the inclined guide pillar can be installed in the moving template or fixed template. The sliding of the inclined slider depends on the pulling force of the inclined guide pillar for lateral core pulling. The components of side core-pulling are composed of oblique slider, oblique guide pillar and guide chute. The motive force of this kind of guide oblique slider comes from the motive force of open-die, while the oblique slider relies on the motive force of ejection mechanism to produce displacement motive force on the side of dynamic model. At this time, the sequence relationship between the action of ejection mechanism and the action of side core pulling should be considered, and the interference between ejection and core pulling should not be caused.



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Plastic injection mold for automotive, injection molding


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