Tooling for mechanical parts, plastic injection mold service

Tooling for mechanical parts, plastic injection mold service

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Tooling for mechanical parts, plastic injection mold service


Tooling for mechanical parts, plastic injection mold service

The main structural forms of the bending guide rod parting core-pulling mechanism are: the inner core-pulling mechanism of the oblique bending guide rod on the dynamic die side; the outer core-pulling mechanism of the bending guide rod guided by the sliding guide pin; the delayed outer core-pulling mechanism of the bending guide rod; the side parting core-pulling mechanism of the variable angle bending guide rod, etc.

At the beginning of the die opening, the bending guide rod has a smaller inclination angle, a smaller drawing speed but a larger drawing force, which can make the plastic parts release the wrapping of the core. Then when the bending guide rod reaches a larger inclination, the drawing speed is higher, but not a large drawing force, and the longer core pulling can be completed within a shorter opening distance.

Side parting core pulling mechanism of slide guide plate (material groove guide plate)

Wedge slider guide plate of side parting core pulling mechanism of slide guide plate is the simplest form of slide guide plate, and wedge slider guide plate plays the role of transverse parting. This structure is often used for the parting of two lobes closing mode. Two wedge slider guide plates are symmetrically mounted on both sides of the fixed die, and the slider is mounted in the sliding groove of the dynamic die. When the slider is partitioned on the slider, the slope corresponding to the wedge can be processed into one with the slider, or can be manufactured separately by wear-resistant steel and then fixed on the slider. The slider guide plate can not guide the slider to reset, but to close the slider again by the wedge, so the wedge should be designed longer. The slider guide plate is installed outside the die and occupies a small space. When the position of inclined guide pillar is insufficient, this structure can be used. The one-sided bevel angle of the guide plate should not exceed 25 degrees.

The side parting and core-pulling mechanism of slider guide plate which can be separated horizontally and re-closed is this kind of parting and core-pulling mechanism. The cylindrical pin or roller on the slider moves in the groove of the guide plate, and a wedge is provided to ensure the accuracy and stiffness of the closure of the valve.

Core-pulling mechanism with guide plate mounted on the fixed die side. When the spring makes the fixed die cushion plate and the fixed die parting, the guide plate drives the side core to pull out, the slider core is limited by the limit pin and the spring, and the reset is still completed by the guide plate. Because the side pressure is almost zero, the locking is also completed by the guide plate. The slider is a rectangular cross-section without stopping rotation. The contact part with the guide plate is I-shaped. The contact area is large and the drive is smooth. Like the side core pulling of the inclined guide pillar, different core pulling mechanisms can be obtained by changing the position and state of the guide plate and the slider. Sometimes it is also called inclined guide groove.




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Tooling for mechanical parts, plastic injection mold service


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