Electronic product tooling, CNC machining service

Electronic product tooling, CNC machining service

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Electronic product tooling, CNC machining service


Electronic product tooling, CNC machining service

Core-pulling mechanism for side parting of oblique slider

Under the condition of small drawing distance, side core pulling with oblique slider can simplify the structure of the die and obtain good results. The feature of this type of mechanism is that the slider is installed in the sliding groove inclined to the direction of the opening die. When the slider is pushed out, the plastic part is driven by the slider to separate from the main core while completing the lateral parting and core pulling. The structure can be divided into slider sliding type core-pulling mechanism and oblique guide rod type core-pulling mechanism according to different sliding positions.

The structure of the oblique slider Type-dividing core-pulling mechanism The oblique slider Type-dividing core-pulling mechanism with slider guide can be divided into outer Type-dividing core-pulling mechanism and inner Type-dividing core-pulling mechanism.

Core-pulling mechanism with oblique slider lateral parting. There is a pair of lugs on the outside of the oblique slide block. When opening the die, the lug slides in the groove of the conical die sleeve under the action of the push rod. While rising up, the parts are separated from both sides and the plastic parts are gradually separated from the lower core. The limit screw acts as the limit of the slide block, avoiding the oblique and difficult to reset because of the high launching height of the slide block, and even pulling out from the die sleeve. The launching height of the oblique slide block generally does not exceed the guide. The length of sliding part is 2/3.

Core pulling mechanism with inner parting of oblique slider. The inner core-pulling of the oblique slide block and the plastic part are products with internal threads. At this time, the threads should be divided into left and right segments so that it is possible to pull out by inner core-pulling. After opening the mould, the oblique slider moves along the rectangular guide chute and receives inward under the action of the push rod. The plastic part is lifted and separated from the side slider, and the plastic part is taken out of the mould by hand.

Design essentials of side parting core pulling mechanism with oblique slider

The combination of the oblique slider and the matching form of its guide chute.

When opening the die, the slider can be left on the edge of the moving die. This mechanism is easy to use the pushing device of the moving die edge, and it is necessary to avoid the damage of the parts caused by the oblique slider brought out by the fixed model core during the opening of the die. In addition to reducing the clamping force of the part on the fixed model core, spring pins can also be installed between the moving and fixed models, and the spring pressure can be used to help the oblique slider stay in the moving model.

Assembling requirements of inclined slider. In order to ensure that the oblique slider is tightly assembled in the closed die and no spills are produced during injection, it is required that the gap between the bottom and the end of the die should be 0.2-0.5 mm after slightly loading the die sleeve, and the top of the die sleeve must be no less than 0.2-0.5 mm higher than that of the die sleeve, so as to ensure that the tightness of the assembly can be maintained after wear and tear of the slider and the die sleeve.




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Electronic product tooling, CNC machining service


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