Tooling for auto parts, plastic mold and injection moulding

Tooling for auto parts, plastic mold and injection moulding

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Tooling for auto parts, plastic mold and injection moulding


Tooling for auto parts, plastic mold and injection moulding

The mechanism uses hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to push the piston rod of the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder and pull out the coaxial side core. The reset of the side core depends on the reverse motion of the piston rod. Hydraulic transmission is more stable and powerful than pneumatic transmission, and can directly use the hydraulic system on the injection machine, so it is more commonly used. At present, large and medium-sized injection moulding machines are often equipped with multiple hydraulic cylinders which can be used for side core pulling, and the process of side core pulling is programmed into the whole production process, and the corresponding hydraulic valves are installed. When designing the moulds, only the hydraulic cylinders are fixed on the moulds according to the core pulling requirements of the parts and connected with the core.

Hydraulic parting core-pulling mechanism

The side parting core pulling mechanism of the hydraulic cylinder fixed on the movable template is that the hydraulic cylinder is fixed on the movable template through the support, and the piston rod is connected with the core through the coupling. When opening the mould, the locking block fixed in the fixed mould first leaves the movable mould, and then the core pulling and resetting are completed through the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic cylinder is installed in the side parting core mechanism in the core hole, the hydraulic core pulling mechanism, because the hydraulic cylinder is installed in the hollow hole of the large core, so the size of the die is greatly reduced.

Hydraulic arc core pulling mechanism is hydraulic arc core pulling mechanism. The product is a pipe elbow, so the core must be moved along the circular T-shaped guide chute. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is connected with one end of the connecting rod. The other end of the connecting rod is connected with the crank, the core and the slider. The slider slides in the circular T-shaped slot composed of the pressure plate. The other end of the crank is installed on the guide slide plate. The hydraulic cylinder drives the bending core to realize core pulling and compound. The straight core at the other end of the elbow is driven by an inclined guide post to complete the core pulling and resetting.

Hydraulic oblique core is hydraulic oblique core. The core is directly connected with piston rod with a cylindrical pin. The structure is relatively simple.

Hydraulic side core-pulling mechanism of inclined slider is a kind of side core-pulling mechanism of hydraulic driving inclined slider. It is often used in large area and shallow side core-pulling, and can often save ejection mechanism. It is especially suitable for some large-scale moulds, especially when combined with inclined guide pillars, it can play a more important role, such as on the side parting core-pulling moulds of turnover box.

Pneumatic side parting core pulling mechanism

The pneumatic side parting and core-pulling mechanism uses cylinder to pull out the side core before opening the mould. This mechanism is suitable for core pulling of core with through side hole or low side pressure. In addition to the different power sources, its structure is similar to that of hydraulic drive.



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Tooling for auto parts, plastic mold and injection moulding


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