Mould making factory, injection moulding plastic parts

Mould making factory, injection moulding plastic parts

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Mould making factory, injection moulding plastic parts


Mould making factory, injection moulding plastic parts

Side core-pulling mechanism with combined action

There are many kinds of side core-pulling mechanisms. Sometimes, only one kind of side core-pulling mechanism can not complete the core-pulling action. For example, some core-pulling mechanisms can obtain large pulling force, but the pulling distance is not enough. Some problems such as side concave which is perpendicular to or inclined to side core pulling direction are also existed in side parting core pulling. At this time, it is necessary to adopt a combined core pulling mechanism to be more reliable and effective.

The utility model relates to a mechanism for joint core pulling by a wedge rod (equivalent to an inclined guide pillar) and a guide plate. The core is fixed on the slider, and the slider and sleeve are fastened together to slide along the inclined groove of the guide plate. When the wedge rod and guide plate contact obliquely, the guide plate slides, and the sleeve drives the slide block to slide along the guide plate oblique groove to complete core pulling. The reset is completed by the locking block and locked. Of course, the core pulling in the drawing can also be realized by driving the slider along the core pulling direction by inclined guide pillars, etc., but this will increase the size of the die in this direction and may be difficult to install. The size of the die is smaller by the way of legend. Moreover, if the clamping force and injection quantity are enough, it is not harmful when the sliding direction of the guide plate exceeds the installation dimension of the injection machine mould, so it can be used for shallow side core pulling of small pieces with multiple cavities arranged in H or single piece with multiple concave sides. By slightly improving the mechanism, the side core can be drawn from the same plane, different depths and different angles.

In addition, the mechanism of arc joint core-pulling of rack slider driven by bending guide rod can also achieve the purpose of core-pulling.

Exhaust System and Temperature Regulation System of Injection Mold

Design of Exhaust System and Exhaust Groove for Injection Mold

Exhaust problems

When the plastic melt is injected into the cavity, if the original air in the cavity and the volatile gas escaped from the material during moulding cannot be discharged smoothly, under the pressure and temperature of high-speed injection, the residual gas in the cavity will not only form surface quality defects such as craze, pore and weld mark on the product, but also make the cavity unable to be filled, resulting in The surface profile of the plastic parts is not clear; the high temperature of the gas in the mould cavity caused by compression can also burn the parts, which can cause scorch marks and the resistance of the gas in the mould cavity caused by compression will reduce the filling speed, and affect the injection cycle and product quality (especially at high speed injection). Therefore, the problem of exhaust must be considered in the design and manufacture of dies. Generally speaking, the exhaust of injection moulds is an important issue in the design of moulds. Especially in rapid injection moulding, the exhaust requirements of injection moulds are more stringent.




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Mould making factory, injection moulding plastic parts


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