Auto plastic tool, injection moulding/tooling/die, CNC machine service

Auto plastic tool, injection moulding/tooling/die, CNC machine service

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Auto plastic tool, injection moulding/tooling/die, CNC machine service


auto plastic tool, injection moulding/tooling/die, CNC machine service

Exhaust structure

The general exhaust structure is to set up an exhaust groove at the appropriate part of the parting surface. Usually the exhaust groove is best processed into a curved shape, and its cross-section gradually enlarges from fine to thick, so as to reduce the kinetic energy of the exhaust gate overflowing from the exhaust groove of plastic melt.

The best location of the exhaust groove is usually determined after several die tests. For large-scale products, there should be multiple vents, General requirements

The position of exhaust groove should not be opened to the operating part in order to prevent the hot air injection from injuring people.

The exhaust groove shall be located at the intersection of two strands of material and at the same time on the parting surface.

In order to facilitate die processing, the exhaust groove is usually set on the side of the die.

Exhaust mode of die

There are usually several ways to exhaust the mould.

Exhaust by clearance

For small and medium-sized dies, the clearance of parting surface or other fit clearance can be used to exhaust without additional vent groove, or the simplest method is to exhaust gas by using the fit clearance between jacking jack or stripping template and core, and between jack rod and jack rod pore and other die parts. The clearance of exhaust mechanism with clearance should not be greater than the overflow value of plastic.

It is not reliable to exhaust by using the matching clearance between the fixed insert or core on the template and its mounting hole, because this kind of fixed clearance is easily blocked by the plastic overflow and can not be removed at any time. Small parts, such as the exhaust point just on the parting surface, can generally use the small clearance when the parting surface closes to exhaust, without the need to set up a special exhaust groove.

The seepage and exhaust of sintered metal block is a structure of using spherical alloy particle sinter block to guide and exhaust gas. The last part (exhaust point) that fills the cavity is not on the parting surface, and there is no mould for the top rod or movable core nearby. The sintered block is set in the concealment of plastic parts, and the exhaust passage should be opened. Attention should be paid to the sufficient sintered block. Enough compressive capacity.

For large-scale dies, the gap exhaust of mosaic forming parts can be used. Continuous exhaust groove and using insert exhaust for cylindrical plastic parts should be uniformly arranged around the cavity of the parting surface when the central gate is used. The exhaust groove is usually located on the dynamic die side of the parting surface. In addition, a cold material well can be set up at the fusion joint, and a small amount of gas can be retained before the cold material is stored.

Generally, the position of exhaust gas and weld mark is closely related to the weld mark of the product because the exhaust gas of the die cavity affects the flow direction and the intersection position of the melt.




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auto plastic tool, injection moulding/tooling/die, CNC machine service


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