Electronic Plastic Tooling/mold, customize high quality injection mould

Electronic Plastic Tooling/mold, customize high quality injection mould

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Electronic Plastic Tooling/mold, customize high quality injection mould


Electronic Plastic Tooling/mold, customize high quality injection mould

Setting up a special exhaust groove on the parting surface

The exhaust groove should be located at the end of the material flow, usually on the side of the concave die of the parting surface, the exhaust groove and the air guide groove. The depth and width of the exhaust groove are 0.015-1 mm and 1.5-6 mm respectively. The principle is that the groove is conducive to exhaust but does not spill. Therefore, the plastic melt with lower viscosity should have smaller height of exhaust tank. The outlet should not be directed at the operator in order to prevent molten plastic from ejecting and causing industrial accidents. The exhaust groove on the parting surface can be bended and gradually widened to reduce the kinetic energy of plastic overflow.

Note that no vent groove is usually used between the fixed core or cavity insert and its assembly holes, as spills may occur and the demoulding is not smooth.

Negative Pressure and Vacuum Exhaust

Exhaust through cooling water channel is a new technology developed on the basis of negative pressure cooling technology. The cooling water in the die is sucked and flowed through a special volume pump. Therefore, the whole cooling water channel is operated under negative pressure. The gas in the cavity is brought out with the water through the exhaust clearance. The best way is to exhaust through the clearance of the push rod. The push rod passes through the cooling water channel and communicates with the die cavity. The push rod passes through the design of the cooling water channel. This thoroughly solves the problem that the layout of push rod and cooling water hole interfere with each other in common die design. Because the ejector rod is well cooled, the problem of resin decomposition due to high temperature caused by gas compression and deposition of decomposition products in the ejection gap of the ejector rod is prevented, so that the exhaust gas can be maintained smoothly.

The gas can also be guided into the cooling water channel by porous metal. The large exhaust area of the mould is provided by porous metal. The gate is set on the edge circumference of the plastic part. The gas gathers on the top of the mould. The porous metal block connected with the cooling water channel is set on the top of the core, which provides a large exhaust area and the gas can be discharged smoothly. The key is that the porous metal is cooled directly by the water behind it, which can keep the temperature of the metal block low (poor thermal conductivity of porous metal) and not be blocked by the infiltration of plastic melt. Because of negative pressure cooling, the water pressure is lower than atmospheric pressure, so it will not leak out.

Temperature Regulation System of Injection Mold

In the process of injection moulding, the temperature and fluidity of melt and the temperature of mould have the greatest influence on the filling flow. The mould temperature also affects the curing setting, production cycle and the shape and size accuracy of the products. Temperature regulating system in die is very important to die. The purpose of setting temperature regulating system in die setting is to ensure product quality and improve production efficiency by controlling die temperature.



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Electronic Plastic Tooling/mold, customize high quality injection mould


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