Mechanical design mould/tooling/die, plastic mold manufacturer

Mechanical design mould/tooling/die, plastic mold manufacturer

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Mechanical design mould/tooling/die, plastic mold manufacturer


Mechanical design mould/tooling/die, plastic mold manufacturer

Necessity of Setting up Temperature Control System in Injection Mold

The influence of die temperature on the quality of products. For different plastic products, there is a suitable die temperature for filling the melt. In this temperature range, the plastic melt has good fluidity, strong filling ability, suitable crystallization and orientation of the plastic, small shrinkage and warpage deformation, stable shape and size, high physical and mechanical properties and surface quality after demoulding. If there is no temperature regulating system in the mould, the mould temperature will be lower and the filling pressure will be higher during the first filling. With the increase of filling times, the temperature of the mould increases gradually, the filling speed increases, the packing force of the plastic parts increases, the demoulding performance is poor, and even the demoulding can not be done. Therefore, it is necessary to set up a temperature control system in the die. The die temperature is reasonably controlled within the machinable range to ensure the quality of the product. The geometrical shape of plastic products determines the structure of the plastic injection mould. Moreover, during the cooling process, the temperature of the cavity surface is difficult to be uniform. Due to the difference of cooling speed, it is likely to affect the shrinkage of products, which will cause stress to a certain extent and have a negative impact on the quality of products. To solve these problems, a reasonable temperature control system must be set up in the die to improve the uniformity of the die temperature and the appropriate temperature.

The relationship between mould temperature and production efficiency is reflected by cooling time. Generally speaking, there is a certain relationship between the cooling time of plastic products in the mould and the specific heat given to the mould.

Temperature Control System of Die

Temperature control of injection moulds means that the moulds have cooling or heating devices or both. Usually, water, oil and steam are used as medium. Electrical devices can also be used for heating only. Water medium is divided into normal temperature water, warm water and cold water. Normal temperature water refers to circulating water under natural flow or ambient temperature. Warm water refers to the water flow after a certain heat exchange is higher than normal temperature, while cold water refers to the water flow after freezing treatment.

In the process of moulding, the appropriate moulding temperature is determined by the variety of plastics, the structure shape, size of products, production efficiency, quality index and process conditions, etc. The following principles are followed.

For plastics with low viscosity and good fluidity (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, nylon, etc.), the mould temperature can be on the low side; low mould temperature has little effect on its fluidity. In order to improve production efficiency or shorten the forming cycle, cold water can be used to control the mould temperature.

For plastics with high viscosity and poor fluidity (such as polycarbonate, polyphenylene ether and fluoroplastics), in order to improve the filling performance, higher die temperature is needed in the forming process. Therefore, in order to reduce the internal stress formation of products, appropriate heating measures can be adopted when the die temperature is low.

For thermosetting plastic injection moulds, the general temperature of the moulds needs 150 ~ 220 C. At this time, heating devices must be adopted to control the temperature of the moulds.



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Mechanical design mould/tooling/die, plastic mold manufacturer


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