Customize precision tooling, high quality injection mould/tool/die

Customize precision tooling, high quality injection mould/tool/die

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Customize precision tooling, high quality injection mould/tool/die


Customize precision tooling, high quality injection mould/tool/die

Cooling water should be set in the direction of plastic shrinkage. For plastic with larger shrinkage rate (e.g. polyethylene), cooling water should be set in the direction of plastic shrinkage as far as possible. For square products, the cooling water path of the central gate is adopted, and the contraction direction of the product is perpendicular to its outer contour edge. Therefore, the cooling water path starts at the gate and expands outward.

The layout of cooling water should be as varied as possible as the shape of injection products. When cooling water is set up in the mould, it is necessary to arrange the cooling water. In order to ensure the uniform temperature of the mould, the surface wall of the cavity should be arranged according to the principle of equal distance.

Electrical heating regulation

There are two methods of electric heating in dies: resistance heating and induction heating. Induction heating devices are particularly complex, and resistance heating is more commonly used.

Heating sleeve. The electric heating sleeve is similar to the heating ring used in the equipment. It is also made of the resistance system on the mica sheet and assembled with the mould sleeve. It can be made according to the shape of the die, and is usually installed on the outer skin of the die. The electric heating sleeve is simple in structure and convenient in use, but it is not suitable for local heating of dies.

Electric heating rod type. The electric heating rod is also a standard heating element, which consists of a resistor wire with certain electric power and a metal sealing sleeve with heat-resistant insulating material. When used, it can be easily used as long as it is embedded in the hole of the mould, and it is suitable for integral heating, local heating and so on.

Quality Analysis and Control of Injection Molding

The quality of injection molding is fully embodied in the injection products formed by injection processing. The quality of injection molding is divided into internal quality and external quality. The general internal quality includes: the internal structure and shape of the product (referring to the crystallization and orientation of plastics), the density of the product, the physical and mechanical properties of the product and the welding state of the product, as well as the size and shape accuracy of the product related to the shrinkage characteristics of plastics; the external quality is the apparent quality of the product, and its defects are: depression, shrinkage, porosity, etc. Ribbons, dark spots, dark lines, silver lines, fish white, delamination, scorching, distortion, loss of luster, uneven color, gate cracks, surface cracks and overflow, etc.

Both internal and external quality of injection moulding are formed in the process of injection moulding, and facets are closely related to the process parameters of injection moulding and the relevant conditions of moulds. In fact, any quality condition does not exist independently, but is interdependent. For example, the apparent depression or shrinkage hole of the product is the result of uneven internal shrinkage.



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Customize precision tooling, high quality injection mould/tool/die


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