Injection Tooling for electronic parts, OEM plastic tooling/moulding/die

Injection Tooling for electronic parts, OEM plastic tooling/moulding/die

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Injection Tooling for electronic parts, OEM plastic tooling/moulding/die


Injection Tooling for electronic parts, OEM plastic tooling/moulding/die

The injection process is to locate, cool and solidify the flowing plastic melt and achieve the required geometric shape. This method is mainly used in the processing of thermoplastic. In processing, the plastic melt is forced to flow, so the flow characteristics occur, which are mainly manifested in the orientation trend of polymer molecules. In the process of flow, molecular orientation tends to reduce the dynamic viscosity of melt, and rapid cooling and solidification in the die will lead to orientation freezing, which will lead to anisotropy of products. Orientation is caused by melt flow in the process of forming. Research orientation must be related to flow.


The precondition of orientation is the flow characteristics of plastic melt. The flow behavior of plastic melt in the cavity was studied. It was found that there was no orientation in the flow front of injection moulding. The orientation level increased from the flow front to the upstream, and reached the maximum at a certain distance from the gate, then decreased. Testing along the flow profile showed that the concubine had no orientation along the center line, but the orientation increased gradually along the thickness direction from the center line to form an orientation layer, which was zero at the cavity wall and formed an undirected epidermis.

The change of orientation in injection parts is closely related to the melt flow in injection process and the technological conditions of injection moulding. The experimental technology can explain the flow mechanism of melt filling cavity.

In the injection process, melt flow is formed first, and orientation is the result of two kinds of actions.

The orientation of melt flow is caused by shear stress.

When the shear stress decreases, the Brownian motion of the molecule is followed. The Brownian motion of the molecule can relax the molecule and cause the relaxation of orientation. These two effects are opposite to orientation, and their effects are closely related to the temperature change of the cavity.

If the temperature of the cavity is the same as that of the plastic melt, the melt flow formed by injection filling belongs to the flow under isothermal conditions. The shear stress is the largest on the wall of the cavity and decreases linearly, reaching zero at the center line of the cavity. Under non-isothermal conditions (low die temperature), the temperature of filling melt is higher than that of cavity, and the shear stress varies along the thickness direction. Especially near the solidification layer, the change of shear stress is very complex. In the process of non-isothermal flow, another important factor is the change of solidification layer along the flow direction. Strictly speaking, the concept of "solidification layer" is inaccurate, because the viscosity of polymer changes continuously from the maximum of cooling cavity wall to the minimum of melt viscosity in the center of thick cavity. Defined as such a surface, the surface has the greatest viscosity, which reduces the surface's flow rate considerably.




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Injection Tooling for electronic parts, OEM plastic tooling/moulding/die


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