Plastic tooling for mechanical parts, precision plastic injection mould

Plastic tooling for mechanical parts,  precision plastic injection mould

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Plastic tooling for mechanical parts,  precision plastic injection mould


Plastic tooling for mechanical parts,  precision plastic injection mould

Effect of Injection Pressure on Orientation

Generally, the orientation level increases with the increase of injection pressure, and the influence of injection pressure on orientation is manifested in two aspects: the injection pressure increases, the filling speed increases, the shear stress increases, and the orientation level value increases; when holding pressure, the gate is not closed, and the shear stress transmitted through the gate to the cavity and the cavity still exists. 。 However, when the gate is frozen, the shear stress in the cavity can disappear, and the hot polymer can relax and increase the injection pressure. On the one hand, the shear stress can be increased to improve the orientation level; on the other hand, the melt flow rate can be accelerated and the freezing time of the gate can be delayed. It is generally believed that there is a critical velocity at the gate. When the speed is higher than this, the gate closure is rather slow; when the speed is lower, the gate closure is faster. Therefore, the increase of injection pressure will increase the shear stress produced by the cavity, and the action time will be long, so that the value of de-orientation can not be offset in the later stage, and the increase of injection pressure will increase the orientation level.

Effect of Mold Temperature on Orientation

The higher the die temperature, the longer the de-orientation time, the lower the orientation level.

Effect of Filling Speed on Orientation

Rapid filling makes the surface orientation of the product high, but because the filling time of the cavity is short, the internal temperature of the product is high and the cooling time is prolonged, the specific surface orientation is low. Under the same injection temperature, slow filling can prolong the flow time, weaken the Brownian motion energy of macromolecules, shorten the relaxation time, and lead to an increase in the orientation level. Fast filling will cause smaller orientation in the product, while slow filling orientation will increase; for the surface of the product, fast filling will get larger orientation.

Effect of Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Products

The strength of polymers is a combination of the forces between intertwined macromolecules, the bonding forces along the length of molecular chains and the molecular forces between different segments. If the polymer belongs to crystalline polymer, the degree of crystallization, the structure of crystalline phase and even more complex should be considered. Generally, the bonding force along the molecular chain direction and the bonding force between the segments perpendicular to the molecular chain direction can be measured separately in order to determine the effect of orientation on the strength of polymers.

Orientation control

In the process of injection moulding, orientation is produced by the interaction of various factors. Orientation also affects the physical and mechanical properties of polymer. Therefore, orientation can be effectively controlled by adjusting the relationship between the process parameters. Meanwhile, orientation can be resolved through the mediation mechanism of process parameters to eliminate orientation stress.



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Plastic tooling for mechanical parts,  precision plastic injection mould


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