Plastic tool for electronic product, injection moulding, CNC machining

Plastic tool for electronic product, injection moulding, CNC machining

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Plastic tool for electronic product, injection moulding, CNC machining


Plastic tool for electronic product, injection moulding, CNC machining

Elimination and Dispersion of Internal Stress

The internal stress in the product has an effect on the performance of the product, so it is not desirable to concentrate the stress during processing. The purpose is to reduce or eliminate the internal stress and make the residual stress distribute evenly.

Control of Process Conditions

The use of higher barrel temperature ensures good plasticization of materials and uniform distribution of components. With the increase of injection temperature, the melt viscosity decreases, the fluidity increases, and it is easier to fill the mould, which can reduce the orientation of the melt and reduce the internal stress.

Increasing die temperature makes filling easier and also reduces injection pressure, which not only reduces stress generation, but also facilitates the de-orientation of macromolecules. The cooling speed of the product in the die cavity is slower, and the cooling becomes even, eliminating the stress caused by the uneven shrinkage.

Injection pressure, holding pressure and holding time all affect the orientation of macromolecule. With the increase of pressure and the prolongation of pressure acting time, the internal stress of products will increase. Therefore, the appropriate parameters should be selected when selecting.

Design of Products and Dies

When designing products, the ratio of surface area to volume should be reduced as far as possible, and the wall thickness of products should be more uniform. Round corner transition should be used at the junction of thick and thin wall, and notches, right angles and acute angles should be avoided as far as possible. Avoid the opportunity of forming internal stress and prevent the concentration of internal stress.

When designing the die, the size, position, cross-section area and shape of the runner should be reasonably selected, and the design should be based on the geometric shape and wall thickness of the product. Because these are objective or structural factors of internal stress formation. When the product has metal inserts, the shape, location and material selection of metal inserts will affect the formation of stress. The design of cooling system of die should ensure uniform cooling, require uniform shrinkage of products, and reduce the internal stress of products.

Raw material

The internal stress distribution of plastic products is closely related to the molecular structure of plastic materials. For example, the rigidity of molecular chains and the interaction between molecules, the polarity of substituents on molecular chains and the volume of substituents have effects on the internal stress of plastic products.

When the molecular chain is rigid and the melt viscosity is high, the macromolecule activity is poor. When the high elastic deformation is caused by the external force, because the polymer entropy decreases, the state after deformation is unstable and the molecular activity is poor, it is easy to produce internal stress, and the molecular chain contains polar groups. Due to the interaction between molecules, the molecular bonding is tight, so that the rigidity of the molecular chain is increased. Therefore, the internal stress of the plastic products mentioned above is larger.



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Plastic tool for electronic product, injection moulding, CNC machining


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