plastic tooling for household product, CNC Machining, injection moulding

plastic tooling for household product, CNC Machining, injection moulding

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plastic tooling for household product, CNC Machining, injection moulding


plastic tooling for household product, CNC Machining, injection moulding

Crystalline plastics produce internal stress at the interface between spherulite and amorphous. When nucleating agent is added to crystalline plastics, a large number of spherulites will be formed, and the internal stress of the products is smaller. Therefore, the internal stress of the products varies with the crystalline structure and crystallinity.

For the parts with high quality requirements, heat treatment is often used to eliminate the high elastic deformation frozen, improve the crystallization of crystalline plastics and reduce the internal stress of products.

Density Distribution and Shrinkage of Injection Molding Parts

The mechanical properties of injection moulded products are affected not only by orientation and residual stress, but also by density balance. In addition, because the refractive index of light is related to the density, the non-uniform density distribution also affects the optical properties of injection moulded products, and the density is closely related to the shrinkage rate of products.

Density and Distribution of Injection Molding Parts

There are two main reasons for the uneven density distribution of injection moulding parts: first, when the plastic injection parts are cooled through glass transition temperature, the uneven density is frozen due to rapid cooling; and second, because of the influence of residual stress. When studying the influence of cooling conditions on the density distribution of plastic parts, through quenching test of polymer samples, it is found that the density of rapidly cooled samples is lower than that of slowly cooled samples. When the polymer is higher than the glass transition temperature, the mobility of macromolecules decreases rapidly and the viscosity increases. When the glass transition temperature is changed, the relaxation time is longer. At low cooling temperature, the polymer macromolecule itself can not arrange into equilibrium phase state, but freeze into non-equilibrium phase state with high volume (low density). This leads to the internal force that tends to achieve equilibrium phase state. However, when the glass transition temperature is lower, the polymer is larger. Molecular mobility decreases a lot, so the physical and mechanical properties of plastic products change over a long period of time.

The density change of injection parts is not only related to cooling state, but also to melt temperature, injection holding pressure, required pressure and time.

The melt temperature is high, the macromolecule chain stretches greatly, occupies a large space, and the density is low; when the injection pressure and holding pressure are high, the plastic in the cavity is denser; when the temperature of the cavity is low, the macromolecule chain freezes faster. Therefore, the higher the melt temperature, the lower the density of the injection parts; the higher the holding pressure, injection pressure and holding time, the higher the density of the products; and the faster the cooling speed of the products, the smaller the density of the products.

Molding shrinkage of injection moulded products

The volume of injection product changes during cooling in the mould cavity. The shrinkage of the product after demoulding is called shrinkage. The shrinkage of the product and the stability between injection cycles are the main factors that determine the dimensional accuracy of the product.



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plastic tooling for household product, CNC Machining, injection moulding


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