Plastic injection tooling, plastic parts, injection moulding parts, CNC service

Plastic injection tooling, plastic parts, injection moulding parts, CNC service

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Plastic injection tooling, plastic parts, injection moulding parts, CNC service


Plastic injection tooling, plastic parts, injection moulding parts, CNC service

In injection moulding, there are also some reasons for the quality decline of weld marks caused by demoulding agents and colorants, so the use of them should be controlled as far as possible.

The reasons for the formation of weld marks are complex, and the reasons for the low strength of weld joints are also complex. The above measures are only the ones that often occur in practice, and need to be further improved in practice.

Surface Defects and Preventive Measures

Injection parts have been widely used in industrial products, structural parts, daily products and other fields. The surface quality of parts is becoming more and more important. Apparent quality affects the aesthetic appearance. With the wide application of plastic products, apparent quality has become the focus of attention. There are many reasons for the appearance defects of injection moulded products, and the solutions tend to be empirical. After long-term research, it has been developed to a certain extent in theory. As long as the causes of defects are solved, the formation of surface defects can be effectively prevented and solved. There are many kinds of apparent defects of products, the main ones are as follows.

Sags, shrinkage pits, stomata

In general, the material moisture content is large, and it is easy to produce blowhole; uneven wall thickness or insufficient pressure in the die cavity may lead to uneven shrinkage or shrinkage. The poor exhaust function of the mould may cause stagnation, when the plastic melt and the surface wall of the cavity can not fully contact, it may also produce shrinkage pits; the larger flow distance, resulting in uneven pressure transmission or slow flow, poor plastic repair effect, may also cause shrinkage pits and depressions. Measures should be taken to select materials with low shrinkage, reduce injection temperature and mould temperature, increase injection pressure, increase injection volume or prolong holding time, and increase holding pressure. In the design of products, the uneven wall thickness can be reduced by enhancing cooling, increasing the cross-section area of the gate, and promoting the transfer of injection pressure and holding pressure.

Gloss, whitening, rubbing and wrinkles

The reason for this phenomenon is that the die temperature is too low and the melt temperature is too high. When the mould temperature is too low, the cooling speed of plastic melt is too fast, and the melt of advanced cavity quickly forms a thin wall. In the filling process, because the melt drives the condensate to slide along the cavity wall, under the action of external force, the product surface will appear glossy, whitening and muddy phenomenon. In more serious cases, the surface may be torn, and the product surface will form rubbing marks and wrinkles.

Material with better gloss performance should be selected as raw materials for the response measures; the wall of the cavity should be smooth and glossy on the mould; in the injection process, the mould temperature can be properly increased or local heating measures can be adopted near the gate.




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Plastic injection tooling, plastic parts, injection moulding parts, CNC service


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