Injection tooling, plastic injection mold manufacturing, plastic part moulding

Injection tooling, plastic injection mold manufacturing, plastic part moulding

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Injection tooling, plastic injection mold manufacturing, plastic part moulding


Injection tooling, plastic injection mold manufacturing, plastic part moulding

Craze and peeling

Cause analysis: There are always some low molecular volatile gases or water vapors in the plastic melt. If these gases can not be completely discharged from the die cavity and mixed in the solidified melt, many V-shaped silver lines (silver lines) will appear on the surface of the products after forming. At the same time, because of the inclusion of these gases, the melt will be stratified and the bubbles will be stretched flat when the volume of the bubbles is large. It is thin and covers the surface of the product. Thus, the surface of the formed products will appear like mica flake peeling.

Material selection should be based on materials with good stability and better drying equipment. When processing, the moisture content of the material can reach the processable standard. In the process setting, the melt temperature should be lowered appropriately, the die temperature should be raised, and the nozzle temperature should be stabilized to avoid the superheated decomposition of the melt. At the same time, the back pressure should be increased so as to promote the gas discharge when plasticizing in the barrel, and a suitable exhaust structure should be set up in the die to make the gas discharge smoothly.

Dark spots, dark lines, scorch

Cause analysis shows that the appearance of dark lines and spots is mostly caused by the superheated decomposition of materials. Sometimes, due to the uneven plasticization, the inclusion of raw materials (unmelted materials) in the melt appears dark spots visually, and may also be due to the inclusion of impurities in the materials. Coke burning is caused by excessive and rapid injection due to poor exhaust in the mould.

Measures should be taken to minimize the use of recycled materials and dry them, reduce melt temperature, prevent decomposition, increase back pressure, remove low molecular substances, improve plasticizing effect, increase the exhaust function of the die and eliminate burning marks.

Crack (Top White)

Cause analysis shows that cracks are different from those in conduction. Cracks are small cracks in the direction of stress produced by plastic macromolecules under the action of stress, which can be eliminated by annealing treatment. Generally, when demoulding, the ejection force is not balanced and the vacuum is high, the crack on the surface of the product is more likely.

Eliminating the internal stress of the parts is the best way to improve the crack defect. Increasing the temperature of the injection melt and the temperature of the mould can generally improve the fluidity of the melt and reduce the internal stress in the forming process. The internal stress can also be eliminated by annealing, and some cracks can also be eliminated by annealing.


Cause analysis of the residual internal stress in the parts and uneven shrinkage of the parts will cause warpage of the products.

Anything that can reduce the uneven stress and shrinkage in the product and the die condition is the measure to prevent the warpage of the product. In addition, improving the distribution of demoulding force, ejection force and ejection area is also an effective measure to prevent warpage of products.

Spills, flying edges

Cause analysis: Spills and flash are formed by plastic melt overflowing from the parting surface of the mould during injection moulding, which need to be removed by post-processing method. There are many reasons for this. Mainly:

Insufficient clamping force or poor rigidity of clamping system;

The inadequate rigidity of the die is caused by the unreasonable design of the die structure or the improper selection of the die material.

Melt temperature is too high, injection pressure is too high, etc.

Response measures

The equipment has enough clamping force

The die has good stiffness, processing accuracy and matching accuracy.

The various mechanisms of the die are well matched, such as ejector rod and ejector hole.



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Injection tooling, plastic injection mold manufacturing, plastic part moulding


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