CNC parts manufacturer, OEM service, plastic injection mold

CNC parts manufacturer, OEM service, plastic injection mold

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CNC parts manufacturer, OEM service, plastic injection mold


CNC parts manufacturer, OEM service, plastic injection mold

Spills, flying edges

Cause analysis: Spills and flash are formed by plastic melt overflowing from the parting surface of the mould during injection moulding, which need to be removed by post-processing method. There are many reasons for this. Mainly:

Insufficient clamping force or poor rigidity of clamping system;

The inadequate rigidity of the die is caused by the unreasonable design of the die structure or the improper selection of the die material.

Melt temperature is too high, injection pressure is too high, etc.

Response measures

The equipment has enough clamping force

The die has good stiffness, processing accuracy and matching accuracy.

The various mechanisms of the die are well matched, such as ejector rod and ejector hole.

The melt temperature, mould temperature, injection pressure and injection speed should be adjusted as far as possible in the injection process.

Advantages and disadvantages of plastics

Advantages of Plastics

Easy to process, easy to shape, suitable for automatic mass production, low cost, even if the geometry of plastic parts is very complex, it can also be molded, its production efficiency is far better than metal processing, especially injection molding plastic parts, as long as one process, can produce very complex plastic products.

Because plastics are easy to process and can be produced in large quantities, the cost of equipment is relatively low, so the cost of products is low.

Can be colored at will according to need, or made into transparent plastic parts, using the characteristics of plastic can be colored at will, can produce colorful, transparent and beautiful plastic parts, through the blending of plastics, can also make plastic parts with jewelry gas effect, greatly improve the added value of its goods, and give people a fresh and bright feeling.

The density of most plastics is about 1.0g/cm3. Compared with metal and ceramic parts, the weight of most plastics is lighter. Although the mechanical strength of plastics is not as good as that of metals and ceramics, the specific strength (strength to density ratio) of plastics is higher than that of them. Therefore, light and high strength plastic parts can be made. If glass fiber is filled in the plastic, its strength and wear resistance can be greatly improved.

Non-rusting, non-corrosive plastics will not rust as easily as metals or be corroded by chemicals. There is no need to worry about acid, alkali, salt, oil, medicines, dampness and mildew.

It is not easy to heat transfer and has good thermal insulation performance because of its large specific heat capacity, low thermal conductivity and difficult to heat transfer.

It can make both conductive parts and insulating products. Plastic itself is a good insulating material. At present, it can be said that no electrical component does not use plastic. However, if the plastic is filled with metal powder or debris to form, it can also be made into products with good electrical conductivity.

Plastics with good shock absorption and noise reduction performance and good light transmittance have excellent shock absorption and noise reduction performance. Transparent plastics (such as PMMA, PS, PC, etc.) can be used to make transparent plastic parts, such as lenses, signs, cover panels, etc.




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CNC parts manufacturer, OEM service, plastic injection mold

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