CNC custom plastic mold service, plastic injection tooling for mechanical parts

CNC  custom plastic mold service, plastic injection tooling for mechanical parts

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CNC  custom plastic mold service, plastic injection tooling for mechanical parts


CNC  custom plastic mold service, plastic injection tooling for mechanical parts

Chemical Properties of Plastics

The chemical properties of plastics include chemical resistance, aging resistance, weather resistance, light stability, mildew resistance and so on. Chemical resistance refers to the ability of plastics to resist acid, alkali, salt, solvent and other chemical substances.

Aging resistance refers to the ability of plastics to maintain their properties by exposing them to natural or artificial conditions without changing their chemical structure over time.

Weatherability refers to the properties of plastics which are exposed to sunlight, cold and hot, wind and rain to maintain their properties. Photostability refers to the ability of plastics to resist fading, blackening or degradation under sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. Mildew resistance refers to the resistance of plastics to molds.

Mechanical properties of plastics

The main mechanical properties of plastics are tensile strength, compressive strength, flexural strength, elongation at break, impact toughness and fatigue. Compared with metal, the absolute values of strength and stiffness of plastics are relatively small. For unreinforced plastics, the tensile strength of general plastics is generally 20-50 MPa, and engineering plastics are 50-80 MPa. There are few varieties that exceed 100 MPa. After fiberglass reinforced, the tensile strength of many engineering plastics can reach or exceed 150 MPa, but it is still lower than that of metal materials. For example, the maximum tensile strength of carbon steel can reach 1300 MPa, that of high strength steel can reach 1860 MPa, and that of aluminium alloy can range from 165 MPa to 620 MPa. However, due to the low density of plastics, the specific strength and stiffness of plastics are higher than that of metal plastics. There are obvious differences between long-term loading and short-term loading, which are mainly manifested in creep and stress relaxation. Creep means that when plastic is subjected to a constant load, the strain will increase slowly and continuously with the increase of time. The ability to change everything. It is an important factor to measure the dimensional stability of plastic parts. Plastics with high intermolecular force, especially those with cross-linking between molecular chains, have good creep resistance.

Stress relaxation means that under constant strain conditions, the stress of plastics decreases with time. For example, plastic parts as threaded fasteners, often because of stress relaxation, the fastening force becomes smaller or even loosened, plastic seals with threads will also lose their sealability due to stress relaxation. In view of this kind of situation, we should choose plastics with less stress relaxation or adopt corresponding preventive measures. The wear amount refers to the wear on the surface of materials (plastics) caused by friction between two objects (plastics and sandpaper) in contact with each other. It can be expressed by the volume of friction loss.

Thermal properties of plastics

The main thermal properties of plastics are linear expansion coefficient, thermal conductivity, glass transition temperature, heat resistance, thermal deformation temperature, thermal stability, thermal degradation temperature, fire resistance, specific heat capacity, etc.



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CNC  custom plastic mold service, plastic injection tooling for mechanical parts


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