High Precision rubber ring mold, Plastic Injection Mold service

High Precision rubber ring mold, Plastic Injection Mold service

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High Precision rubber ring mold, Plastic Injection Mold service


High Precision rubber ring mold, Plastic Injection Mold service

Water sensitivity of water-sensitive plastics refers to its sensitivity to water degradation under high temperature and pressure. For example, polycarbonate is a typical water-sensitive plastic. Even if it contains a small amount of water, it will degrade under high temperature and high pressure. Therefore, the moisture content of water-sensitive plastics must be strictly controlled and dried before forming.

Hygroscopicity refers to the degree of water affinity of plastics. Plastics of this nature can be roughly divided into two categories: one is plastics with water absorption or adhesion properties, such as polyamide, polycarbonate, polysulfone, ABS, and the other is plastics that neither absorb water nor easily adhere to water, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyformaldehyde and so on. If the moisture content of plastics with the tendency of water absorption is not removed before moulding and exceeds a certain limit, during moulding, the moisture will change into gas and promote the degradation of plastics, resulting in foaming and fluidity reduction of plastics, causing difficulties in moulding, and reducing the surface quality and mechanical properties of plastics. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth process of moulding and the quality of plastic parts, it is necessary to remove moisture before moulding and dry the plastics with strong water absorption and strong tendency to adhere to water. When necessary, infrared heating should also be set in the hopper of the injection moulding machine.

There are three main reasons for the excessive moisture and volatiles in plastics:

The average molecular weight of plastics (or resins) is low.

Plastics (or resins) are not sufficiently dried during production.

Due to improper storage, water absorbent plastics absorb moisture in the surrounding air. Different plastics have different drying temperature and drying time.

Compatibility compatibility refers to the ability of two or more different kinds of plastics to produce no phase separation in the melting state. If the two kinds of plastics are incompatible, the surface defects such as delamination and peeling will appear when the parts are mixed. The compatibility of different plastics is related to their molecular structure. Those with similar molecular structure are easy to be compatible, such as blending of high-pressure polyethylene, low-pressure polyethylene and polypropylene. Molecular structure is difficult to be compatible, such as the blending between polyethylene and polystyrene.

Processing temperature of plastics is the temperature of viscous flow. Processing temperature is not a point but a range (from melting point to degradation temperature). In thermoforming of plastics, the appropriate processing temperature should be selected according to the size, complexity, thickness, insert condition, temperature tolerance of the colorant used, and the performance of the injection moulding machine.

Plastic degradable plastics under high temperature, stress, oxygen and water and other external conditions, chemical reactions occur, resulting in polymer molecular chain breakage, the loss of elasticity, strength, product surface roughness, shortened service life phenomenon, known as degradation. The measures to avoid degradation are as follows.

Improve the quality of plastics.

Drying material, strictly control moisture content.

Choose reasonable injection process parameters.

Stabilizers are added to plastics with poor thermal and oxygen stability.

Processing Properties of Thermosetting Plastics




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High Precision rubber ring mold, Plastic Injection Mold service


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