Precision Mold, Plastic tooling for household product, injection moulding

Precision Mold, Plastic tooling for household product, injection moulding

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Precision Mold, Plastic tooling for household product, injection moulding


Precision Mold, Plastic tooling for household product, injection moulding

Characteristics of Forming Technology

The melt index of reinforced plastics is 30%~70% lower than that of common materials, so the fluidity of reinforced plastics is poor, and defects such as poor filling, poor welding and uneven distribution of glass fibers are easy to occur. Especially for long fibers, the above defects are more likely to occur, and the mechanical properties of the fibers are easily damaged. The forming shrinkage is small and the anisotropy is obvious. Molding shrinkage is smaller than that of non-reinforced plastics, but the anisotropy increases, the shrinkage along the direction of material flow is smaller, the vertical direction is larger, the inlet and outlet is smaller, the distance is larger, the plastic parts are prone to warping, deformation, bad demoulding, wear and tear, and the wear of the mould is larger, the wear of material flow on the casting system and core is also larger during injection. Because the surface treatment agent of the fibre is easy to volatilize into gas, it must be discharged, otherwise it is easy to produce defects such as poor welding, material shortage and burns.

Notices for Forming

In order to solve the above technological drawbacks of reinforced plastics, the following points should be paid attention to in forming process

It is advisable to use high temperature, high pressure and high speed injection.

The crystalline materials should be adjusted according to the requirements, and the resin and glass fibers should be prevented from accumulating separately, and the glass fibers should be exposed and burned locally.

Pressure retaining and feeding should be adequate.

The cooling of plastic parts should be uniform.

The change of material temperature and mould temperature has great influence on the shrinkage rate of plastic parts. The shrinkage rate is larger when the temperature is high. The shrinkage rate decreases when the holding pressure and injection pressure increase, but the influence is small.

Due to the rigidity of reinforced plastics and the high temperature of thermal deformation, it can be demoulded at a higher temperature, but attention should be paid to uniform cooling after demoulding.

Appropriate release agent should be selected.

Screw injection moulding machine is suitable. The reinforced plastics with long fibers must be processed by screw injection moulding machine.

Requirements for Die Design

The shape and wall thickness of plastic parts should be designed to facilitate the smooth filling of the cavity and avoid sharp corners and notches as far as possible.

The demoulding slope should be larger, 1 ~2 with 15% glass fiber and 2 ~3 with 30% glass fiber. When the slope of demoulding is not allowed, forced demoulding should be avoided and lateral parting structure should be adopted.

The section of gating system should be large, the flow should be straight and short, so as to facilitate the uniform dispersion of fibers.

In the design of gate, insufficient filling and anisotropic deformation should be avoided. If the distribution of glass fibers is not uniform, weld marks and other defects are easy to occur. Slice gate, sector gate, ring gate and multi-point gate are suitable for gate. The gate section can be increased appropriately, but its length should be shorter.

The die core and cavity should have enough rigidity and strength.

Dies should be hardened and polished, wear-resistant steel should be selected, wear-prone parts should be easy to repair and replace.

The launch should be even and powerful

The die shall be equipped with an exhaust overflow trough and shall be located at the place where weld marks are prone to occur.



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Precision Mold, Plastic tooling for household product, injection moulding


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