Electronic parts tooling, plastic injection mold/tool/die

Electronic parts tooling, plastic injection mold/tool/die

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Electronic parts tooling, plastic injection mold/tool/die


Electronic parts tooling, plastic injection mold/tool/die

Characteristics and Forming Technology of Thermosetting Plastics

Phenolic plastics

The basic properties of phenolic plastics are based on phenolic resin. Phenolic resin itself is very brittle, glassy and has no definite melting point. Solid resin can be softened or melted in a certain temperature range. It can dissolve in ethanol, acetone, benzene and toluene, and is insoluble in mineral oil and vegetable oil. It has good rigidity, small deformation, heat resistance and wear resistance. It can be used for a long time in the temperature range of 150 ~ 200 C. Under the condition of water lubrication, it has very low friction coefficient. Phenolic resin has good electrical properties and high insulation at room temperature. It is an excellent power frequency insulation material. The disadvantages are brittle texture and low impact strength.

The application is mainly used to manufacture gears, bearing bushes, guide wheels, bearings and electrical insulators, automotive electrical appliances and instrument parts. Asbestos laminated plastics are mainly used for parts working at high temperature. Wood laminated plastics are suitable for bearings and gears under water lubrication and cooling.

Molding characteristics of the main molding processes are compression, injection and injection molding. Mould temperature has a great influence on fluidity. Mould temperature should be controlled at (165 + 5). Generally, the fluidity decreases rapidly when the temperature exceeds 160. When hardening, a large amount of heat is released, and large thick-walled plastic parts are prone to uneven hardening and overheating.

epoxy resin

Essential properties Epoxy resin is a high molecular compound containing epoxy group, which has strong bonding ability. Chemical resistance, heat resistance, good electrical insulation, small shrinkage. It has better mechanical properties than phenolic resin. Its shortcomings are poor weather resistance, low impact resistance and brittle texture.

The application of epoxy resin can be used as a binder of metal and non-metal materials, used to manufacture daily life and cultural and educational supplies, sealed various electronic components, and can be used in hot and humid conditions. Epoxy resin with quartz powder can be used to cast various moulds. It can also be used as anticorrosive coatings for various products.

The main forming characteristics are compression molding and injection molding, which have good dynamic properties and fast hardening speed. When used in pouring, release agent should be added before pouring. Because of the poor thermal rigidity of epoxy resin, hardening shrinkage is small, it is difficult to release the mould. Hardening without any by-products, forming without exhaust


Aminoplastics are synthesized by condensation of amino compounds with aldehydes (mainly formaldehyde), including urea-formaldehyde plastics, melamine-formaldehyde plastics, etc.

The basic characteristics and application of urea-formaldehyde plastics are made of urea-formaldehyde resin and bleached pulp. It has good coloring, bright color, bright appearance, no special odor, no fear of electric sparks, arc extinguishing ability, good mildew resistance, heat resistance and water resistance are weaker than phenolic plastics. Electrical insulation decreases after long-term immersion in water. Urea-formaldehyde plastics are widely used in the manufacture of accessories for daily necessities, aviation and automotive decorations and electrical lighting equipment, telephone sets, radios, watches and clocks, switch sockets and electrical insulation parts.



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Electronic parts tooling, plastic injection mold/tool/die

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